Are you straight, gay, bisexual or other? Do you think we should ban assault rifles??
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Thread: Are you straight, gay, bisexual or other? Do you think we should ban assault rifles??

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    Post Are you straight, gay, bisexual or other? Do you think we should ban assault rifles??

    Parent's outraged over 'highly intrusive' student survey that was forced upon their high school kid's...
    The fascist-minded liberal public school denied (lied about) the existence of the survey at first, but then they changed their story because they were caught lying about it.

    Parents Outraged Over This Highly Intrusive School Survey ? Which Was Deleted Shortly After TheBlaze Started Asking Questions |
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    So if a student is straight and doesn't believe "assault weapons" should be banned, is that student then suspended under "zero tolerance" rules? Glad you posted that.

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    Parents of school kids need to seriously check into what the system is doing/teaching our kids.
    Parents/Teachers conferences - ensure the school knows your kids need your permission to take these quizzes.
    Make sure the kids know not to answer this crap.
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    This is just as bad as the doctor's asking you if you have a gun in your house. Everyone needs to review what their children are being asked and taught in school.
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    Most of you at this point know I teach. All I have to say is *slaps forehead with hand, then hides in the corner of shame due to another teacher making us all look stupid*.

    Every teacher I know, knows that you don't have kids take polls like that without prior administrative approval AND parental releases.

    Now if they had a group discussion in class and debated whether assault rifles should be banned or what do you think the cause of the government shutdown was, that would be wholly more acceptable.

    I know we have a good number of students in our school that put the liberal ideology in its place during debates like this. Fortunately, our history and government teachers are pretty evenly distributed from a political standpoint so the debates in our school get run fairly. This is not the case in a lot of other school unfortunately.
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