Socialized healthcare is the anchor of dictatorship in this new century.
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Thread: Socialized healthcare is the anchor of dictatorship in this new century.

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    Socialized healthcare is the anchor of dictatorship in this new century.

    Of dictators, democracy and disgrace

    The lawmakers and the occupant of the Oval Office are scrambling around like rats on a sinking ship trying to position themselves for a last minute heroic of saving the country from default--whatever that means to various subgroups of the rest of the world. They have all--irrespective of party or position--acted irresponsibly. They have ignored fundamental principles of not spending more than what you have and putting political favors for individuals and special interest groups ahead of sound policy and actions. This is a morass of astronomical proportions and it is designed to bring order out of chaos--a disgraceful dictatorship in the guise of democracy. Beware of the coming days and months.

    Socialized healthcare is the anchor of dictatorship in this new century. If socialized healthcare is allowed to stand, the nation will be forever changed from one of enterprise and opportunity to one of entitlement and dictatorship. There is so much in the Affordable Care Act that is anti-American, anti-Republic, anti-Constitution that the tip of the iceberg can hardly be seen. The ramifications of this law will be far reaching, long lasting, and dictatorial. For example, if you claim your Second Amendment rights, you will be subject to mental health investigation. You will be paying for other peoples abortions. Illegals, the IRS and Congress are exempt. You will be paying for them--one way or another.

    After the dust settles on this public ruse, we may as well put our freedom in a straightjacket. There is hardly an elected official who is standing for what is right. In the end, they all will support more government control, more rights being taken away, and more and higher taxes being paid by the rest of us. This debate ultimately is not about keeping the country from defaulting or from falling into socialism, but rather establishing a new order of government and most ALL the elected are in on it either by cunning, by naiveté, by ego, or by outright stupidity. Americans feel helpless to do anything about it because the elected are not listening. Theirs is a bloodlust of the politic; the deal more important than the outcome.

    Bill Wilson -The Daily Jot

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    Medicare - ever hear of it?

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    The authors of this mess say that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But they want no part of it!!!! They have exempted themselves from ever having to go on it!!! It is ONLY for us pee-ons!!!!!!

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    Congress is covered by Obamacare. Hard to have an intelligent discussion on fantasy rather than fact.

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