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Thread: Gun manufacturer studying with anti 2A group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by telpinaro View Post
    This does seem rather idiotic. They'll lose a bunch of customers over it, and it's not like they'll actually gain any on the anti side!
    If that's the way they want it, I'll oblige them and I am planning on buying a .357 semi-auto, but I won't consider Coonan.

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    I would encourage any dealers that frequent this website, to please stop carrying that Company's product.

    What you will see if you visit this website:

    There is a couple positives such as encouraging the learning the handling of a firearm and ensuring is safe from a child getting their hands on it without adult supervision.

    HOWEVER, it clearly goes above and beyond safety and being responsible. There are tons of anti-gun rhetoric clips and MEMEs (Piers, Costas, BLOOMBERG, Daily Show, etc.) . Quoting of false statics often used by libtards. Hatred towards the NRA. Pictures intended as spoofs, used as examples of how dumb owners are. And my favorite: Using drive-bys as examples as lack of responsible ownership.

    This is an anti-2nd amendment group disguised as a "safety" group. It's similar to how the Mayors Against Illegal Guns is really Mayors Against Guns, period.
    You can have good intentions and not be right.

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    The managers of this company don't seem to be very wise businessmen. I doubt that they will be selling many of their firearms to the anti second amendment liberals that they evidently want to impress. And their principles will most likely alienate those who would be most inclined to buy their products.

    My constitutional rights are not negotiable. They come from God, not government. They aren't granted by government; therefore, government cannot remove nor limit them. The meaning of the Constitution is very clear and does not require interpretation by any government bureaucrat or appointee. The founders were brilliant and inspired men, skilled in the use of the English language. Interpretation by political pimps and amoral and arrogant, legal dimwits is unnecessary. I seriously doubt that God requires the assistence of politicians in determining the liberties with which humans can entrusted.

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