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Thread: Tea Partiers Score Better in Sciences than Liberals?

  1. This make perfect since to me. I am a biology major and I have noticed many of my professors feel this way. Not sure if true tea partier or conservative but definitely no liberal!!!

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    Most liberals think conservatives are stupid and the media also portray them this way. Obama was heralded as the most brilliant man to ever occupy the Whitehouse; and Reagan was just dumb, incompetent, and senile. In reality the Reagan economy was seven of the most prosperous years in U.S. history; and Obama has presided over longest recession since the Great Depression. The audiences of Glenn Beck and Rush are usually described as being ignorant rednecks when just the opposite is true.Conservative radio fans in actuality are better educated, better informed, and much wealthier than the average American.

    I would venture to say that Tea Partiers not only know more about science, but also politics, history, and economics. Liberals are said to be more compassionate. But who has more compassion, those who want to give more people welfare or those who want to raise more people out of poverty so that they don't need welfare?

    We have trolls on this forum who continually demonstrate the above points. They feel superior to us, the stupid rednecks, who believe in God, the Constitution, American exceptionalism, capitalism, individual liberty, and the nobility of hard work. Conservatives accept the responsibility for their mistakes; liberals always blame others, particularly conservatives Bush, Cheney, capitalism, Christianity, the founders, the Constitution, and the U.S.

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