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    I have a concealed carry permit for Washington, Oregon and Utah. I feel that by going through these processes and having a background check many times, I should be able to carry on campus. It seems to me and many other intelligent people I talk to that all these mass shootings only happen at places where people can not carry and are easy targets. I feel that if you have a conceal carry permit you should be able to carry ANYWHERE!!! That is the purpose of going through that process. I hate it you go through something like this and then after the fact a whole new list comes about saying you can't carry here or there. We should be able to defend ourselves anywhere and everywhere. Sorry for the rant I just get very annoyed about stupid policies and more about the idiots that put them in place.

  3. I agree with you. I deeply resent being told where I can carry after going through the process of obtaining a CC permit - those that cause trouble with guns are criminals, not law abiding citizens that go through the process to obtain CC permits.

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