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    Just wondering if the cover controversy created by the white house is evidence of obama's fear of the US Marines, both active duty and retired, before he begins his final push.
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    10 to 1 MaoBama's relative or political donor opened a hat business and will get a lucrative contract. We changed uniforms in the Navy 3 times between 1975-1980.
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    “The president in no way, shape or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover,” according to the Marine Corps statement. “We are looking for a new cover for our female Marines for one overriding reason: The former manufacturer went out of business. … The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover.”
    Marines shoot down Internet story on Obama?s alleged push for ?girly hats? - U.S. - Stripes

    “The surveys often contain photo illustrations that portray what a uniform article might look like when worn by a Marine,” Col. Todd S. Desgrosseilliers, Marine Corps Uniform Board president, said. “This is a very standard practice. While there was never any desire or intent to change the male Marine dress cover, the feedback we have received to maintain this iconic cover has been heard, loud and clear. "
    Marine Corps not changing male dress cover > Headquarters Marine Corps > News Article Display
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    The new military is so Gay, so whats the problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    The new military is so Gay, so whats the problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    The new military is so Gay, so whats the problem?
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