Voter I.D. Cards
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    Voter I.D. Cards

    Can't have these in The United States.
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    Of course we can't have voter ID in this country because it might stop political fraud. Both sides cheat. But the Democrats are just much better at the fraud and have much more experience. We have the only country that seems to encourage illegal aliens, convicted felons, and dead people to vote in each election, several times. These fraudulent voters are stealing our country and liberty by nullifying the votes of legitimate citizens. Then of course we have the idiot, uninformed voters who shouldn't be voting. A republic can not exist for very long without informed and moral voters who are knowledgeable about the issues and the character, or lack of character, of the candidates.

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    Think about this, in every state that required voter ID, Obama lost the presidential vote, makes you think doesn't it?
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