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    Actually, because the two presidential candidates have been in the spotlight so much, the one debate I'd be really interested in seeing is the one between the two vice presidential candidates. That one should be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Debates are overrated, and the only purpose they serve is to get people who ignore politics to get to listen to the candidates and get seduced by what they say, as opposed to what they actually stand for (after all, why do you think that, despite such a light résumé, Obama is right in the thick of things?). For people who are informed about the candidates and the issues, like most of the members of this site, the debates won't influence who we vote for.
    I disagree.

    Debates are very important to people who dont follow politics like we do. You are right in saying the canidates will sugar coat what they say to have more of an effect, however, for those people who dont follow all the issues and the entire campaign, its a good place to sum it all up for them.

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    Lightbulb What our Euro M8's fear.

    Feed-back from the Euros I stay in contact with, and their major gripes:
    1. Fed up with everything on all their media being about a U.S. election not their news.
    2. Don't or can't fathom how we let two nut-cases so close to the red-button(s)/launch codes.
    3. Worried that if we vote either into office, the U.S. will either go nuclear on someone, drag them in, or implode into anarchy, and they still get the fall-out (literal, diplomatic and/or financial).
    4. Most agree America is not ready for a black president nor a black/brown queen in Buck Pally, and think the Vietnamese got to John ala 'Manchurian Candidate' and he'll go postal on some nation they trade with, or THEM!
    5. Overt anti-U.S. anything from the HUGE Islamic wave of immigrunts now well entrenched in most E.U. nations and gaining more elected power daily, swaying [younger] minds to Islam and hatred towards the U.S. (I did not make this up, just sum up what the general questions I get, their news that I follow more than ours)
    6. Think us in (ex-Soviet until '91 but still very Ivan thinking folks/Stalin's birthplace!) Georgia & prodding a raging bear into accepting NATO (add some U.S. missiles) on their own back door-step is piss-poor gladnost doomed to start another Balkan war with U.S. back tearing up their nations to put the bear back in his cage instead of the Germans twice in the 20th century.
    7. Wish Hillary had not dropped out, thinking she'd be like Maggie Thather, (like I said I just report)
    8. Getting more reluctant to accept the dollar in trade as it may be worthless after the election with no U.S. banks to back it up.
    9. Glad we at least lose the Bush Dynasty for a few generations @ least and wonder why we ain't nabbed ObL yet. Wondering what will happen when Pakistani troops (our allies?) fire on our troops raiding Al-Q tagets inside their country doing a job they can't/won't do for themselves and dreading a radical/anti-U.S. Pakistan vs. India war (both got nukes!) which may spill into their own cities full of millions of both nations immigrants.
    10. Glad they now have something [potentially] more flakey than the EU working 'together as a confederation of nations' (NOT!) to compare what they see U.S. 2009-2012 turning into! Many still think (Mayan) 2012 is it for everyone and the Anti-Christ theory is used to describe both of our incumbents With a German pope & his minions stirring that one up U bet-ya!

    Look not inward thru the spy glass of what we weave or perceive around us, observe how others (who built then lost huge empires from Rome to later ones that spanned the globe, from France to Britain and Spain or later Germany's 2 tries) are viewing us and you get a whole different perspective of "Been there, done and lost that!", one you may or may not like, but is very real for hundreds of millions watching this in Europe closer than many Americans are. We flourish, they do good, we take a nose dive, they may look east for the help we once gave them for free or kick-backs, facts of an [Old World] continent and history in any book worth an impartial read. China would love better relations with the E.U. in all areas, and if we falter they may fill the gap we leave behind empty! End of blog.

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