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Thread: [Watch] 2013 Military And DHS Drills Are We At War With Ourselves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    History of the world. The more things change the more they stay the same. Homeland Security or military, it's Mox Nix. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has purchased well over 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and has another billion, or so, more rounds are on order. The Geneva Convention forbids the use of hollow point bullets in war, so the only possible use of these rounds that are expressly designed to kill (rather than for target practice) is to be used right here at home in the United States.

    DHS has also purchased a couple thousand bulletproof checkpoint booths. Why? Even more shocking, DHS has purchased around 2,700 tanks. Please explain to me why DHS needs its own private fleet of tanks (totally separate from what our military has). And to top that, IRS agents are now training with AR-15 fully automatic assault rifles as well as rat-holing away millions of rounds of ammunition. Who does the IRS plan to use these weapons against? Is the IRS going to start collecting taxes from American citizens at gunpoint? Now I can understand why our government has suddenly become so obsessed with the confiscation of all privately owned firearms. It is preparing for an armed conflict against its own citizens.
    I would further add the revelations of the NSA whistle blower Edward Snowdon. The government is up to something but many people will refuse to believe it until they are forced out of their homes at gunpoint. Not if but when martial law is declared the gloves will come off and for those not prepared it will be to late.
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    Ringo, you are entirely right about this. We are living in a post constitutional America. When I read "1984" my first impression was how dark and depressing life in this socialist Utopia was. Everything was a shade of grey and built upon moral relativism determined by government. It was life under a government that was totally built upon lies. We are either there or very close, and so few actually see what we're becoming. We now live in country where the ignorant are being exploited by the self serving politicians. Lies become reality when government is appealing to the stupid. I would venture to guess that at least 95% have never heard of George Orwell and are totally unaware of his prophetic warnings.

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