American Vet Says "Goodbye America" - takes family and leaves!
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Thread: American Vet Says "Goodbye America" - takes family and leaves!

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    American Vet Says "Goodbye America" - takes family and leaves!

    Many years ago, America WAS a wonderful place to live. So wonderful, in fact that thousands of people from all over the world dreamed about coming to America to live, and to begin a new life under the blanket of freedom…
    We WERE a very proud people, a very Charitable people, so willing to help anyone in need, no matter their race or creed. Many of us who were brought up on Christian beliefs, the "Golden Rule" lived our lives in that fashion. We believed in God, working hard, and helping our neighbors. When times got hard, there were things called "rent parties," and "secret deeds of honor" to help those in need.
    No one would dream of walking by a person that was in need, like they were not even there, let alone attack them for being in the position of misfortunate that they are in. Even if we read about someone that was in dire need, we would empathize with their situation, we would find out where to send food, clothes, or whatever they needed to help them get back on their feet again.
    There were times, through the years, that if one would lose a job, you would feel embarrassed or ashamed to go and collect unemployment insurance (as you considered this to be a handout). Indeed, many of us never even bothered to collect it. Instead… We just strongly dedicated our efforts in finding a new job as quickly as possible, and we did it not caring what that job was, and if we needed two jobs, we would find two jobs and we lived within our means.
    When did we become a "Give Me" society?
    I know that many of us were raised to respect our elders, to respect one another, to help those who are unable to help themselves... When did we become "Enemies" to each other? When did we begin to lose faith in our leaders and in God? How dare we even consider removing God from the pledge of allegiance, prayer from school, the ten commandments from our courts! When did our beliefs change, and when did our "feelings" of being an American, a Patriot, change?
    Was it because of our core beliefs as a nation? I am not talking about party differences, though even those, at times, are the bases for some people to generate hate towards one another; I am talking about the Socialism, Communism, and the anti-Christian movement that IS spreading across all of America.
    When did half of the American people buy into the Anti-Christian Socialist and Communist LIE, and WHY would they?
    What happened to America that we are now turning against each other with such venom that thousands are talking about "how willing they are to go into a civil war" and fight against each other?
    In all my 23 years of military service, I have taken the lives of many a person, who was someone's son, a daughter, father, brother, and a loved one whom I am sure was dearly loved or cared about. I can tell you all that, there is nothing glorious in the taking of a life. The images of what you have done to another human being, deeply scars your soul.
    Mean and Vile People walk the streets of America everyday people pass each other without even so much as a "hello, good to see you." In public areas they speak without respect, making their hateful remarks to or about people whom they do not know, nor have even met. They attack good people without even knowing the real truth about them or even caring to know anything about them. They sit during the playing of our national anthem or refuse to put their hand over their heart as our nations flag is paraded past them.
    Is it because we have turned our backs on God and the teachings of his son Jesus? Is it because we the Majority "MUST" now ALL bow to the needs of the Minority?
    Perhaps it is because of our electronic age, the age of the computers that people have grown so "cold" toward each other. People have learned that with a computer, they can hide behind their "electronic barrier" and say/type whatever they want, without the fear of someone physically retaliating and without any consequences for their verbal assaults.
    Perhaps this too is the reason that people have grown apart instead of together. With ALL these electronic devices designed to communicate we have forgotten the power and the beauty of verbal communications with each other.
    Take from this what you will. It is only a personal observation of mine. I will say that, I am glad that I have moved my family out of America (something that I never would have dreamed of doing). America, in my opinion, is no longer the land of the free (freedom). I am TRULY sad to see what America is becoming. But I do know this: America no longer embodies the free and patriotic "Ideals" of what I have fought for, sacrificed so much of my life for, or watched my brothers die for.
    God bless the America that I once knew
    God bless our troops
    God bless all the children suffering under Tyranny
    Cheers my brother. God bless you.
    P P S I M M O N S: Exclusive: American Vet Says "Goodbye America" - takes family and leaves!
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    I wish you'd take the time to edit the stuff you post so it's formatted correctly.

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    Just wondering that after you get over the disappointment of what has happened to this country (you never really get over it) where do you go that is better? Really?
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    Sadly, most of what is in the letter is true.
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

    Benjamin Franklin

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    American Vet Says "Goodbye America" - takes family and leaves!

    WOW jsimmons you read this and your concern is the format. REALLY

  7. I have been to a lot of other countries. I speak five languages, some well enough to travel without problems, some well enough to do professional presentations. I am currently living outside the US myself. I wonder what country this veteran has found which is more like the America he remembers?
    I have been to a few countries where the people generally treat each other with warmth and respect, and have true compassion for those less fortunate - but usually those countries have serious problems with crime, corruption, or worse.
    Yes, America could be better than it is today. But from my experience it is also in the best situation - from the standpoint of its society and government - to actually change and become better.

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