Screw Starbucks! Make your own for less (here's how!)
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Thread: Screw Starbucks! Make your own for less (here's how!)

  1. Screw Starbucks! Make your own for less (here's how!)

    Before you get overwhelmed by the length of this article, just remember that ANYONE can do this.

    I’ve been saying for a long time that the only reason I buy Starbucks is because they are friendly towards guns, because I know how to make my own. In case you’ve been in a cave for a couple of months, they’ve done a 180 on that position and all that is down the shitter now. Well screw them. I never needed their over-priced crap, and now that they’ve decided to turn their stores into magnets for liberals and homicidal psychotics, I in turn will turn on my heels and remember to take my wallet with me.

    And ya know what? I’m taking as many freedom-lovers with me as I can. I used to keep my coffee recipes to myself, as I didn’t really know anyone who would be interested in making their own. I only make iced cappuccinos (or “Frappuchinos” as I believe the metro-sexuals call them), but I’m sure if the concentrate is mixed with hot water it would make a fine “Regular” coffee. Here is the basic formula:

    1.) Make coffee concentrate.
    2.) Add it to milk.

    The recipe below is for vanilla iced cappuccino. It will make about a month’s supply. It is just being used as an example. If you want to change the recipe to something totally different I will show you how later. If you want to experiment, I suggest you make 1/4 the listed quantities, as this recipe will make enough to last about one month of drinking one 24 ounce cup every day.

    4 cups boiling water
    20 tbsp instant coffee
    3.5 cups sugar
    4 oz pure vanilla
    2 cups cold water

    Directions: Mix instant coffee with 4 cups water and bring to a boil (doing this in reverse will cause an overflow and make a huge mess). Instant coffee is used because it can be concentrated more strongly than regular, which is limited by how much can be fit in the bowl of your coffee maker. You can use real if you’d like, but you’ll have to figure out the ratios for yourself. Use a quality instant coffee like Folgers. The cheap ones are not as strong and actually end up costing more because you have to use more. The instant still tastes good enough to please 99% of coffee fiends there; I'd be surprised if anyone could tell the difference without being told.

    Once boiling, add sugar and stir until completely dissolved. What we are essentially making here is coffee flavored sugar syrup (sugar syrup does not sink to the bottom of a cold glass like regular sugar). Once the sugar is dissolved, add two cups of cold water (a little ice helps). This brings the temperature back down to room temperature so you can either drink your coffee immediately or stick it in the fridge.

    The concentrate is now done. Now just mix with milk to taste. I use about one part concentrate to five parts milk. Do this enough and you’ll be able to eyeball when the mixture is right by looking at the shade of the drink. You may add crushed ice and whipped cream if you like.

    The nice thing about this recipe is it can be used as a springboard to make custom coffee just for you. For instance, I try to avoid caffeine as I get addicted to it easily, so I use decaf. Just want regular iced cappuccino? Leave out the vanilla. On a diet? Use a little cold water in place of some milk and a little less sugar. Lactose intolerant? Use a milk substitute. Want mocha? Add cocoa powder/hot chocolate. Like those minty Christmas seasonal coffees? Use peppermint extract (sparingly; a little goes a long way). It is found in the baking department of the grocery store. In fact, look at all the different extracts and you can make some really crazy stuff: cherry, pumpkin, root beer, anise, etc. Of course, you can also play with the ratios in the above recipe to suit your tastes.

    That’s it! Once you master making coffee just for you (and it doesn’t take long,) you’ll kick yourself for having spent so much money to have someone else do it for you. I once did the math on this a long time ago, and if I remember correctly, a 24 ounce drink comes out to about 75 cents. So not only do you get to stick it to Starbucks AND still get your coffee, you also get to save a significant amount of money. Enjoy!

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    I never went to Starbucks. I do not like coffee so if and when I ever got any coffee I would get at the gas station. Is there a place that lists all the anti-gun places? I would like to be able to go there to refresh my memory at times.

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