All you say is true in the specifics above and I believe that you're basically correct (I personally do not agree that,"the biggest problem with this country today is too many people think the rules should apply to everyone but them" unless you're speaking of social and government elites).... my contention is there are way too many rules for a free people. What were once immutable rights for all citizens everywhere are now subject to interpretation, mitigation, and elimination. This applies to federal gov't, state gov't, county gov't, city gov't, businesses, schools, etc. Where do the rules stop, how does anyone navigate them all, and at what point are they a dangerous infringement? Gonzaga's rules cannot physically protect anyone.

These two students do indeed have an obligation to abide by known rules and the chancellory has every right to enforce them. No one forced them to attend this university but how many schools do allow one to defend themselves with a firearm? Should all students simply be fair game for evil? And just how many alternatives are there for any of us since the rule list is so overarching?

I personally believe that there are so many rules in so many places that only criminals can consider themselves safe and the rest of us just take our chances. I'll concede your letter of the law but I cannot agree with it's spirit.