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Thread: Is It Wrong To Be Anti-Gov't?

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    The linked article by Brandon Smith touches on a number of different points and yet the closing paragraph is probably the most important. It also establishes what his own thoughts are about the subject.
    I have read the thread, it seems everyone is in common agreement as is the author. We all get to the same conclusion only by different directions. We are not totally opposed to government, but we are opposed to an oppressive government.
    That being said, I think the author himself says it best:
    "I do not agree with every element of the “anti-government” ethos that exists in our era, but I do see the vast majority of reasons behind it as legitimate. If the establishment really desired to quell the quickly growing anti-government methodology, then they would stop committing Constitutional atrocities and stop giving the public so many causes to hate them. If they continue with their vicious bid to erase civil liberties, dominate the citizenry through fear and intimidation and steal and murder in our name, then our response will inevitably be “anti-government”, and we will inevitably move to end the system as we know it."
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    Holding Obama accountable
    People need to educate themselves on being held responsible for their actions. Obama should be held accountable and impeached for;
    1. Supplying military arms and equipment to Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria, them being the very same so called rebels that are killing our troops in Afghanistan. (Treason).
    2. Lying to the American public, saying “you can keep your healthcare policies no matter what, Period. (Fraud)
    3. Circumventing the Congress with changes to a law that has been passed, which the constitution prohibits. Only Congress can change a law, the president can only sign a bill into law, veto a bill or uphold a law. He can’t change a law all by himself, according to the oath of office, to uphold the constitution. (Dereliction of duty).
    4. Supplying arms to Mexican cartel members to which a border patrol officer was killed with same arms. (Treason).
    5. Not attempting to render assistance with the issuance of a stand down order to members of the military for the ambassador and men who were killed in Benghazi. (Dereliction of duty).
    As you can see, Obama has more than enough to be brought up on impeachment charges. Hell, Nixon and Clinton didn’t even come close to what Obama has done and they were brought up for impeachment charges.
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