Is It Wrong To Be Anti-Gov't?
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Thread: Is It Wrong To Be Anti-Gov't?

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    Arrow Is It Wrong To Be Anti-Gov't?

    Is It Wrong To Be 'Anti-Government'?

    Discussion is encouraged.
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  3. well we are in the best of company

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    Bad question. The media bastardizes the terms, which the author points out in the article. So the question really isn't if being anti-government is bad. The question is if the connections the media articles are trying to make are valid. They aren't. And being an anti-globalist isn't being anti-government. It's simply opposing a certain type of government. Opposing certain facets of our current government policies or actions isn't being anti-government either. The only thing you are opposing is a function of government or a certain practice of it. Opposing government period would mean opposing government completely. Only anarchists feel that way, and the people those media reports are trying to denigrate aren't anarchists. The author really is doing nothing more than justifying his own position by saying that what he is doing and what he believes in are right. There's nothing surprising about anyone making such a claim, but the real question is, does he deserve the label "anti-government"? In the strict sense of the word, no, because he does not favor the absence of government. He could be considered anti-government in an abstract way in the sense that he opposes any attempts at a globalist government or deviations we've made from our original form of government, but therein lies the rub. The media is lumping anyone with those views into one pot, and any nutjob who commits a violent or reprehensible act that also shares such views about government is labeled anti-government. That label is then used to paint all supposed anti-government people with a 'nutjob paintbrush' in order to depict them as someone as being on the verge of a violent or reprehensible act. At the very least they aren't considered credible, and that's what the media wants. So, in that sense, is it bad to be anti-government? Yes, unfortunately. Does he deserve that label? The one the media saddled him with? No. Does that mean what he's doing or what he believes in is wrong? No.
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    Is It Wrong To Be 'Anti-Government'?

    Discussion is encouraged.
    "Anti-Government" implies anarchy. I believe in a Constitutional small government, with severely limited federal powers, as our Constitution prescribed. I am against our current, big-government corruption, and our government trying to insinuate itself into every aspect of our lives. I have no desire to have other people dictating everything I do, or can do.
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    I'm not against the Government of the United States. I am against the putrid excuses for human beings that the sheep in this country keep electing. Especially the ones in office at the moment. Progressive Socialists are my sworn enemy.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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    That government is best which governs least.
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    One should always oppose any authority that suppresses people and freedoms. We (Americans) have always opposed oppressive governments across the globe for centuries, the USSR, WWII Germany, cold war East Germany, North Korea, China, etc., etc.. Today that has come to our government, and we should still oppose it, at least those that are smart enough to recognize the threat.
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  9. I believe in government of, for, and by the people. The present circus and clowns masquerading as government, who are practicing tyrannical and illegal leadership, have fallen from the lofty perch set by our founding fathers.

    I'm not anti-government. I'm anti-elitists, who are so used to entitlements that they have nannies to change their diapers when soiled.

    I'm anti-politics, when both parties are destroying this country, when they don't give a damn about anything but money, excess and self-gratification.

    Let's boil this down to the facts:

    Government equals greed, dishonesty, entitlements, under the table money, fundraisers, lobbyists' handouts, criminal behavior against its citizens, over-spending, arrogance and pomposity, and last but not least, disdain for the very people who pay their paychecks; you and I.

    This monster of present government abuse has to be stopped. If not, collapse.

    Our house of cards will come crashing down when our printing presses break, or global bankers step-in to shut them down abruptly, and permanently.

    Our incredible number of blatantly stupid voters, clenched to the teat of government handouts, hasn't helped either. In fact, they've been a collective disaster to our financial well-being.

    I suggest crash courses in Chinese and Russian. Couldn't hurt.

    I am anti-Marxist socialist doctrine.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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    I am not anti government.... I am Anti BIG GOVERNMENT. I'd like to think the Constitution means something. And the States get most of the say , of how everyday laws get used.

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    An interesting question to ask Jefferson, Paine, Washington, Adams etc. It is not an organized leadership to which I am opposed. I probably am most closely aligned with Libertarian philosophies. I think government is necessary but should be much more limited in scope. I am nowhere near ready to move against our government. Barbara Streisand once said that if President Bush was reelected she would move to Canada- Wish she would have had the guts to follow up on her promise. I'm not there. I still believe that our government swings like a pendulum - right now we are at the apex of movement away from the counter swing brought in by President Reagan. I think we are beginning to see the backlash which will bring it back the other way. I'm old but fairly patient. I remember thinking that the Republican party would never control the house. The numbers were just impossible but.... All things come to him that waits.

    I think it is our right and DUTY to disagree with our government whenever we disagree. I do my speaking via the vote and on occasion at political caucuses. I think our system allows for sufficient opportunity to create change from within.

    I think anarchy would be a disaster for nearly all involved. I do sometimes contemplate the need for democracy to be fed by the blood of patriots now and then ( I know I biffed that quote but I got the gist).
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