The Obama administration is waging a three front war on our Second Ammendment rights and the Constitution and with the holidays coming up this will conveniently, for him, get lost in all the holiday noise. That is why it is important for each of us to make it a point to keep contacting our Representatives and Senators as well as our state legislators in urging them to oppose anything coming from the administration in regards to the right to bear arms. Obama has signed the United Nations Firearms Treaty and even though the Senate will probably vote against ratification he still can, by Executive Order, put certain provisions of this treaty in play. That's why Congress must feel your heat in putting a very short leash on Obama. Another item is Obamacare and one provision in it is for doctors to ask if their patients own a firearm. This is essentially a backdoor gun registration as well as a possible backdoor confiscation opportunity if your doctor reports you have certain physical, psychological, or mental problems, no matter how small. This is another reason why Obamacare must be repealed. Again contact your Senators. Homeland Security is a problem on many fronts because it is central branch of most law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies. With this administration it has become less about national security against the terrorists and criminals and more about spying and infringing on everyday, law-abiding citizens. Watch you six. Be well and be smart.