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    Gun Control--The Bullet Way

    You do realize that now, if not in a few months, the last of the lead smelters in the US will be shutdown due to EPA regulations and cost prohibitive pollution control requirements. With no lead production in US, it means all lead will have to come from elsewhere and costs will be controlled via tariffs or equivalent government methods. No lead, no bullets or only very expensive lower supply of bullets. No bullets, no cartridges--no cartridges--no use for a firearm---gun control. I do not know about the rest of you but my sole aim in having any firearms is all about defense--mostly at home and occasionally "out and about". I have my supply and I practice maybe every 2 weeks with just enough ammunition to keep my "memory reactions" to how my firearms discharge and how I control them. Seems to me that this is what all this government purchase of cartridges is all about and continual shortages. Not sure if it will ever come back to quantity and reasonable cost of just a year ago.

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    This has been addressed a few times, including in response to one of my own posts on the subject. It appears that most of the lead used these days is easily obtained, recycled lead from batteries and other items that contain lead. There has only been one major smelter of lead in the US for a number if years, meaning that the majority of the lead used fof bullets is already comjng from other sources. I was concerned about this as well, but other on the forum were able to show me why this really won't have any real effect.

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    The smelter that is shutting down is an ore takes the lead out of raw ore and melts it down into virgin lead ingots. None of that, to my knowledge, is used in the manufacture of ammunition. Nearly all lead used in consumer items is from recycled lead and there is plenty of that going around. I read in an article recently that the ammo manufacturer interviewed said that the smelter in question wouldn't affect them at all as all of their lead came from recycling sources, not the "raw" lead that the smelter produces. The manufacturer interviewed, IIRC, Nosler, stated that, to the best of their knowledge, none of the other manufacturers used virgin lead either. Lead, due to its specific gravity, is among the most easily recycled metals around; take a bunch of batteries, melt them down and the lead will go straight to the bottom of the barrel and there are litterally tons of batteries discarded every day. Virgin lead is still quite easily obtained from over-seas for those industries that require it, but, even those are few and far between, thats why the smelter is closing down...not enough commercial interest, in this country, to warrant the upgrades necessary to meet the clean air requirements.

    The shortage of ammo is still a result of the panick buying that started some time ago...ammunition and firearms. I've had a couple of Kel-Tec P32's ordered since last March; still no estimate of when I might be able to expect them. Same thing with an IWI Tavor...and they are manufactured right here in PA. People are hoarding ammo and anything with a "semi-auto" in its name. What seems amazing to me is that my local gunshop can't keep an AR in stock, but, I can go up to my local Walmart and they have a dozen of them by various manufacturers. Bought a Black Diamond a couple of weeks ago for under $850 and they had 4 of them in the back room; now if they could just get some ammo...I can find hen's teeth around here easier than 22LR! They'll get a few bricks in, but, they are gone before they ever get to the counter.
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    The shortage of ammo is still a result of the panic buying that started some time ago...ammunition and firearms. I'
    it might begin to appear that some of the "panic" buying was justified. the fact that gun control via elimination of ammunition supplies is quite real. If nothing else I have a lot of 9mm that I only paid 10 bucks a box for, try finding it priced like that

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