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    Students for Concealed Carry

    There is a movement on college campuses to get legal and lawful permit hoilders to be able to carry on school property. (I think I got that right). Looks like they could use some support. They will be having an nationwide "protest" by carrying empty holsters on college campuses October 22-23, 2007. Perhaps this will help to address the risk of entering a "gun free zone"

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    I truly wish them luck.

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

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    Finally something that college students are protesting that I can applaud! There's a first for everything.:) It'll be interesting to see how the brainwashed students react.
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  5. Well, being someone that is finishing up a degree at a college, I do have to say that it is quite nice attending a college that supports concealed carry. They do not necessarily promote it but allow it. I don't remember the exact wording of school policy but it says something like, "It is against the policies to carry any weapon whether on person or with person without a permit." I spoke with the head person of campus police and he told me that they are well aware of rights. I was told that they prefer that firearms are not carried in class but they can't restrict it. In fact, they keep copies of the permits of any individuals that go and talk to them so if there was any event in which you had to draw a weapon (such as a school shooting and you are defending yourself) the police officers on campus would recognize permit holders. I had a class once with about 40 students, and I knew 3 that said openly that they carried concealed on campus. I bet there are even more besides them that didn't announce it to the world.

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    Thumbs up

    AND Remember the 2008 candidate(s) who sold us out the the Gun-Free School Zones Act to begin with...


    The Hypocrisy of Fred Thompson on Gun Control...

    After Fred Thompson voted for the Gun-Free-School Zones, and other purposes Act in 1996...
    (AKA: Kill-Free Zone and leave our kids and their teachers defenseless act)
    AND even after the 1990 version of this gun-control zealot legislation was found unconstitutional by the supreme court...

    Fred Thompson in 2007 said when speaking of the Virginia Tech massacre, he said: "Whenever I've seen one of those 'Gun-free Zone' signs, especially outside of a school filled with our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, I've always wondered exactly who these signs are directed at. Obviously, they don't mean much to the sort of man who murdered 32 people just a few days ago."

    Ask Hanoi John Kerry if Hypocrisy can win you the Presidency...

    I am 100% behind students, teachers, etc., that are legally able to obtain firearms and a CCW to do so on campus...

    I will sign any such petition that supports the repeal of the kill for free zone and leave our kids and their teachers defenseless act...

    As does Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter and these 3 have the record to prove that they actually do support the issues they claim to...

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    Thanks for the link. I've added them to our links section.

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