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Thread: House Defeats Wall Street Bailout Bill

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    But wasn't, and isn't, and is in a heck of a mess. Looking for logical answers to an adult problem, not a political windfall for either side. I still think Newt may have a fresh approach to clean up the current pile of doo-doo. Again, I wish I was more conversant with the upper level finance-talk, but I cannot go for the idea of the Treasury becoming further entrenced in what is supposed to be a Capitalist system - echoing tattedupboy!

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    It's a miracle. I am against the bailout to. WHat do you know guys we can agree on things. I guess i would have been one of those conservative democrats who voted against it if i was there monday.

    I believe The current administration is responsible for this mess in the first place though. They have just let wall street go wild and have not regulated properly.

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