NRA Candidate Grades and Endorsements
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Thread: NRA Candidate Grades and Endorsements

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    NRA Candidate Grades and Endorsements

    The NRA's grades and endorsements of candidates (federal and local) are available online at National Rifle Association | Political Victory Fund

    Check out how your local candidates score on gun rights as well as federal house and senate elections candidates. Be informed, and don't forget to vote Nov. 4th.

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    Both the U.S. Senator and House Representative I vote for get an A+. The state Senator gets an "A" and the State House Representative gets an A+. It should be noted that both state reps are Democrats. While I don't vote one issue, I try to vote where I think best and not strict party line.

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    State House - Audrey Gibson - F

    State Senate - Paula Dockery - A+

    Congress - Ander Crenshaw - A

    Two out of three isn't bad...but it's really unfortunate that Gibson doesn't realize the need for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms around here.
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    my man Lincoln Davis gets an A and the senator Alexander gets an A. Davis a dem and alexander a rep.

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