Carrying on the Metro in Virginia
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Thread: Carrying on the Metro in Virginia

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    Carrying on the Metro in Virginia

    Hi Friends-
    I have searched the Metro's website and other sources looking for something in writing on whether or not it is permissible to carry a concealed handgun while riding the Metro. I haven't found anything yet. I have a permit to carry in Virginia, and if I ride the Metro around, would obivously have it on me. Has anyone heard anything about the laws for this? Thanks very much...
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  3. Call the state patrol and ask them.

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    Yes, it's perfectly legal.
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    It's not listed as one of the places that are off limits under Virginia law. As for whether the Metro has a policy against it, you'll have to check with them. Just know, however, that if you carry in violation of company policy, you'll be kicked off the train, but not arrested, because what you're violating is not a law, but a company policy.

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