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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger View Post
    So why did "C"olin(C student) donate the maximum amount to McCains campaign in August 2007 if he is such a visionary.
    NEWSMEAT ▷ Colin Powell's Federal Campaign Contribution Report

    Is that what is meant by hedging your bet or covering all the bases?
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    Kwo thats racist and if I was black i would probally come find you . Maybe nobody will get offended by that here.

    boyzoi, I feel the same way that you do on the NFL. I love my colts, then titans second but if you knew me you would not throw out such statements.

    I've noticed more and more that people on this site just lash out if you don't go along with the republican rhetoric. You will be called various names and cussed at. Its ok though. I refuse to drop to such low standards. I will continue to express my views in a mature way.

    I like your post boomchick. Your right. Both sides are corrupt. Everyone else should take notes on how to share a view or disagree in a professional manner.

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    your probally right roger. The election is about control power and money on both sides. thats why republicans and democrats fight so hard to get in that control.

    Don't forget to include on your report card how far at the bottom of the class mccain-bush finished in his military schooling. He will even brag about it. 5th i think it was. colin powell is not going to persuade anybody anyways its just more of a blow in the face to mccain/bush. People already have made up their mind who they are voting for.

    can ya'll believe its 2 weeks away. What are we going to talk about? HA ha

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    It's a strategic move. Get the people to vote Obama into office, he gets tossed because he's not a citizen. Colin Powell is a long time friend and supporter of McCain. He wouldn't get up there to dis him without good cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwtollett21 View Post
    thats true i did. I thought all the republicans here would like that. They have fundamental differences on alot of issues though and its those issues america is voting on not how much money they will give to cancer research or something like that. but president bush and obama do agree on some good things. You guys like to say "look at the record" here on this site so if we look at the record Obama did't vote with the W 90 percent of the time like Mccain said he did.
    Hi JW-

    Perhaps folks like you will someday realize that Pres Bush was one of the most courageous presidents in recent memory. While the war has been unpopular, (much due to media), Bush has not let polls sway his decisions as CIC! Better we fight the enemy there than here. I don't agree with everything he has done as President. While I like the sound of his "Compassionate Conservatism", the fact of the matter is he was trying to placate LIBS and that will NEVER work. LIBS are not one bit conservative and conservatives will never win that battle! GW's policies were in many cases liberal leaning and he could not win any of them child left behind...campaign finance reform....Condeleeza Rice (The Libs Hate Her), Colin Powell (How's that knife in the back feeling GOP?), Sec Of Educ-Paige.....Ya see, when a Republican does more than any previous DEM Prez to advance the cause of black americans, he gets ***** splapped and his black friends are accussed by their black counterparts and their lib friends of being UNCLE TOMS! JW- Not sure if you are voting for 0-Bama......but if you'd like to remain a free American, you'll vote for any candiate other than 0-Bama.


  7. Colin Powell

    Tollet, you got it backwards. McCain did not say BHO voted with W 90% of the time, it was BHO who said McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time,. if you are going to make inflammatroy statements, at least make them correctly.
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    if i stated that i messed up. barack did say that not mccain. But the issue is that mccain said he has voted with his party 90percent of the time. Barack is just reminding everyone about that. Who wants 4 more years, not me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwtollett21 View Post
    if i stated that i messed up. barack did say that not mccain. But the issue is that mccain said he has voted with his party 90percent of the time. Barack is just reminding everyone about that. Who wants 4 more years, not me.
    Again. Vote for your idiot and we'll vote for ours. May the best idiot win!! I am definately not voting for your idiot!!! He is their king!!!

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    fair enough

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