Colin Powell Endorses Obama
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Thread: Colin Powell Endorses Obama

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    Colin Powell Endorses Obama

    I remember listening to Ken Hamblin the Black Avenger a number of years ago on the radio. He had told a listener that he would not vote for Clinton and listed the reasons why. Another caller asked him then if he would vote for Powell. He said no that he would vote for Clinton before Powell. When asked why he stated "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know." I guess now that Powell has come out for Obama it is more apparent that Obama has been ordained by the "powers that be" to sit on the throne. God help us.

    Colin Powell Endorses Obama - Elections
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    Yeah, I knew this was going to happen.

    McCain doesn't have a prayer...

    We are doomed.
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    boyzoi Guest


    does not surprise me in the least...........
    Powell has always been a left leaning Republican, and his statement about the Republican party now leaning too much to the right(actually being a "conservative party" again, my words) indicates he is not as conservative as one may have been led to beleive by W when he appointed him S/S. Personally I thought there were other reasons why W did that far more relevant than Powells ability to handle the office. Does this seal the deal for nobama......well he already had Ms O along with every other left side spotlighter like Ellen, Rosie etc etc........McCain can pull it off but it doesnt look good

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    I've thought for some time that Obama was going to end up our next president. Now with conservative news papers and Powell's endorsement he's almost a shew-in. The media blitz has been biased in his direction for some time. Palin's pick as VP only diverted it for a short while. My vote will still go for McCain/ Palin and our last hope is that others will actually research past voting records instead of listening to political commercials to base a vote on.

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    This should not be to shocking of news. Bush used Powell pretty bad and I am sure he has not forgotten about that.

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    I'm wondering if it's the Black thing.

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    Powell made a smart move. If anybody knows the bush administration he does. He is not going to endorse the same old thing. He see's it's time for our country to go in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwtollett21 View Post
    Powell made a smart move. If anybody knows the bush administration he does. He is not going to endorse the same old thing. He see's it's time for our country to go in the right direction.
    Welcome back JW but I have to ask, on another post you made a rather long comparison to Obama and Bush showing how much alike they were. So which is it with Obama, change or more of the same? I ask this only because your points are confusing, at least to me.

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    thats true i did. I thought all the republicans here would like that. They have fundamental differences on alot of issues though and its those issues america is voting on not how much money they will give to cancer research or something like that. but president bush and obama do agree on some good things. You guys like to say "look at the record" here on this site so if we look at the record Obama did't vote with the W 90 percent of the time like Mccain said he did.

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    He's seen the light i guess. If Powell is a C student what grade does that give mCain-Bush since he said he finished like 5 from the bottom of his class. Oh but he was in the military. He automatically is qualified to be president. Whatever.

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