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    After congress leaves on break, Obama pulls another of his fast ones and unilaterally restores relations with Cuba, legitimizing one of the most repressive regimes in the western hemisphere - over the protests of cuban expats in the US.

    US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord

  3. But now u can get Cuban cigars.

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    China be next, oh wait........They've had favored Nation status for years. Well beyond the MaoBama Years. Where has our country gone to? Kissing up to the Communist, really?
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    Unless ur a Cuban Ex-pat, not sure there's much to get upset about here.

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    I think the thing most people are pi$$ed about is, that Obama is doing it all on his own, without talking with the congress. Nothings going to change in Cuba like Obama says. That government isn't going to allow, voting, peaceful demonstrations, a democratic government and the suppression of the people, so what in the hell is Obama talking about, we have nothing to gain for this action. I lived in Cuba for almost 4 years and if you think it will change, your quite wrong, they will never give up their power, period.
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    He promised to close Gitmo, and opened Cuba. Sounds about right.

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    I really don't know much about Cuba, but decades of sanctions haven't actually accomplished improving the government there, right? I'm not sure what the best strategy for them, but whatever it is, it probably is not sticking with what hasn't accomplished anything.
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    Can two walk together lest they agree? It not Cuba that is changing. It is us that are changing. We will not assemelate them, they are assemelating us.

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    And Obama continues his practice - he trades 3 Cuban spies we had in jail. That's on top of the 5 taliban leaders he released from Gitmo.

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    Some may not have noticed, but to some appearances, this indicates a change in strategy on his part. He appears to be starting a streak of pro-active initiatives which in my opinion are designed to keep the Republicans on the defense, likely an attempt to divide them so that they have problems implementing THEIR agenda. Something to think about.

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