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Thread: Farewell to the bush administration

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    All i am asking is vote on the issues that are most important to you guys. Economy,
    Let's see, on the Economy Obama wants to dump the "Bush tax cuts" raising taxes on everyone. He wants to increase the capitol gains taxes, destroying the stock market in a down time. He wants to put all the tax burden on the upper 5% (where most of it all ready is), driving that money out of country reducing (or stopping) investment in our country.

    OK, mark that one up for McCain.

    gun control
    Obama was for the Washington D.C. gun laws (before he was against them). He is for the Chicago gun laws (similar to Washington's). He is against concealed carry. He is against handgun ownership. He is against semi-automatic rifle ownership. His running mate wrote the "assault rifle" ban.

    OK, mark that up big, for McCain.

    Obama was against Iraq when he was in a state position in a leftist district. He voted for funding it when he was in the Fed Senate. He was for pulling out of Iraq when that would be seen by everyone as a surrender and a defeat. Obama was strongly against the "surge" even after it was successful.

    OK, mark that up for McCain.

    health care,
    While for socialized medicine, he wants to start with having those who have health insurance pay for those who don't have health insurance.

    OK, mark that up for McCain.

    Obama wants to do away with the Bush tax cuts, raising taxes on everyone who pays taxes. Then he wants to give some of those cuts back so he can claim he gave tax cuts. Then he wants to raise taxes on corporations so that when you have to pay increased prices for everything (to pay those corporate taxes) you and he can blame the corporations rather than the government. Obama wants to significantly raise taxes on the upper 5% (or 10% or 15% whatever it has changed to now) which will drive much of that money and most investment in the country out of the country.

    OK, mark that up big for McCain.

    or whatever it is.
    Obama's associations for decades have been with America haters, White people haters, (Wright and the church he attended for 20 years), terrorist anti-capitalist, pro socialists (Ayres who he collaborated with giving grants for Afro-Centric anti-capitalist pro-socialist education projects), and the most leftist, liberal politicians in Illinois and the US Senate.

    OK, mark that one up for McCain.

    Obama is a silver tongued devil, sounding good and saying little.

    OK, mark that one up for Obama.

    Hmm. That leaves a really tough decision! I think I might vote for Oba...well maybe mark that one up for McCain/Palin.

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    You guys sound like you just left a palin rally. A bunch of misleading and untruths.If people do what they say Obama will win this election thank God above. We will see if he delivers. I will tell you this. Things will get worse for at least another year before they will even start to get better. No one can come in and change anything instantly.

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    If Obama gets elected, I hope your opinion of him turns out to be right. I hope you prove us all wrong, and I'll be the first person to admit it if you do.

    But if he gets elected, I strongly believe that within a year we will be seeing posts about which guns we can no longer purchase and how much smaller our take home salaries are (for those of us who still have jobs). If this proves to be the case, I won't be boasting on here about how "I was right and you were wrong" because really each and every one of us will have lost.

    I'm not a doom and gloom type person, but I do sometimes imagine "worst case scenarios". One of my biggest fears concerning Obama is that he will start favoring the Islamic nations that hate us, which might embolden one or several of them to attack Israel. Being a Born-again Christian, I've read the book and I know how that scenario will end.

    So, if he gets elected, I'm rooting for you and praying that he lives up to your expectations.

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    Darrell, I appreciate your prayers and i do want you to pray for me but we also need to pray for Obama/Biden or Mccain/Palin whoever gets elected. Just like i pray for our president even though i can't stand him. Its the best way i know to help him.

    I strongly don't believe we will begin to see posts which guns we will be able to purchase or any of that. I think jobs will continue to get cut through next year not because of who the president is but because of the rut america is in now. Maybe by 4 years of a new administration things will steadily rise. Bush has got us here and it wasn't overnight. Mccain or obama will not get us out of it overnight either no matter what the lying ducks say.

    Obama is not pro islamic. WHy can't people see that. He is pro christianity though. Muslims are not our enemy anyway. Its the radical islamic muslims who are terrorist are the ones who are our enemy. Just because he said he will talk to the leaders of these countrys doesn't mean he is buddy's with them. What we have done doesnt' work so he is going to try a new idea. It probally won't work either but who knows.

    i hope he lives up to his promises but none ever do. I learned my lesson on voting the christian way. Or moral voting. It gets the country nowhere and has no place in the presidential election

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwtollett21 View Post
    if you believe some email then thats crazy. Even a "little child" knows better than that mess. Thats not the facts. Go look at the facts on votesmart.org and compare real issues and how the two candidates have voted if you really want to see the truth not somebody's opinion.
    Obama doesn't have much of a voting record to look at - because he practically just came in off the street.

    The record that he does have, though, shows that he's thoroughly anti-gun. He may be toning it down a bit while he gets into the White House, but it'll come back again full swing when he gets in.

    When AWB II passes, please stick around to tell us why it doesn't violate our rights. Can I get some of whatever you're smoking?
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    At least we might still have a middle class if a democrat gets in today

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