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    I think that's a pretty regular night in Seattle. Sounds like a Saturday. Or maybe a holiday.
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    Seriously?!?! I'm pretty sure RedBone knew I was making a joke, because he lives in Seattle, and so do I... but whatever. If you aren't going to make an actual arguement, then why should I continue responding?
    Husky Girl

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    General Rules:

    1. Attacks - As with any large groups of people there will be disagreements. This is understandable, but we will not tolerate flaming other members. We are all adults and in such should be able to keep our emotions in check. There will not be any personal/insulting attacks or inflammatory posts. You can disagree, but do it politely.

    Taken from the Forum Rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post
    Have you read the thread? They're agreeing with you.

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