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    Nice video Maybejim! When Charlton Heston passed away recently, the first thing I said to myself upon hearing the news, "From MY COLD DEAD Hands!!!!" He was a GREAT AMERICAN!

    JW- What are are you thinkin????


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    Quote Originally Posted by Oregon Vet View Post
    Being born after WWII, those like me read about Hitler and the crowds flocking at his feet, just to hear him talk. AND, they believed him. We don't understand how that could happen. People aren't that stupid.

    AND NOW... we CAN see that happening for ourselves. We have a modern day Hitler who has crowds of people flocking to him and believing him, believing he is going to "fix" everything.

    Don't those people read stuff other than what he wants them to read? It appears not. He is tied in with so many evil people and his "followers" DON'T care. He did it (whatever it may have been), but it is okay. Not okay for anyone else to do whatever he did, but fine for him to do it.

    I never thought we had so many foolish, ignorant people in the USA, but just watching TV and the Internet PROVES there are.

    Who might that charismatic speaker be? One who can speak no evil? He is like the Pied Piper, as if people can't resist him and the words he speaks.

    A bad time, a very bad time for America and us, her people who DON'T believe in him or his words.

    May God protect us from him and his followers.
    Obama=Hitler.......not so sure about this one

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