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Thread: I Was Almost Not Allowed To Vote!!!

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    I remember distinctly one of the last elections in California when Arnold S. was running for governor. The news crews were waiting for him outside his polling place. When he arrived and then walked inside while being filmed live, someone came up to him inside and shook his hand and said, "Good luck, Governator." Well, one of the polling place workers "came undone" and strongly admonished the one who spoke by saying, "THERE WILL BE NO CAMPAIGNING INSIDE MY POLLING PLACE!!! "Good for that worker!" I thought to myself. Too, I'm really surprised that news cameras are allowed inside the polling places but that's a common occurrence if CNN and the local TV stations are to be believed.
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    Lots of campaign workers turn their shirt inside out, vote, then flip the shirt again and continue their campaingning once they're far enough from the polling place.

    Here in PRHI, "electioneering" isn't allowed within 1,000 feet of a polling place.

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