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Thread: Gun bans - Don't think it can happen, watch

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    The kid in the second video in the OP has it right "ONLY THE CRIMINAL AND GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE GUNS."


    They talk of being SAFE and living in a SAFER WORLD....Safer for them not us...God knows what they could and would push on us at the point of their guns when we have nothing to point back with but fingers.

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    Brady Campaign And Lautenberg Unite To Mislead And Control--Again

    Friday, April 24, 2009

    This week, in a typically misleading move designed to bolster their political agenda rather than reduce violent crime, the Brady Campaign released a report calling for background checks on "all gun sales in America, including at gun shows." The Brady report was intentionally designed to correspond with, and bolster, a "gun show loophole" bill (S. 843) introduced this week by fanatical anti-gun Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). In fact, the Brady report was released at the press conference Lautenberg held earlier this week.
    Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign, said in the group's press release, "We can do this. It will have no impact on any law-abiding gun owner in the country." Of course, that is absolutely false—the proposal will ONLY impact law-abiding gun owners, including any law-abiding person selling a firearm to a law-abiding buyer. Does Helmke really think that criminals, drug cartel members, and violent gang thugs are going to start legally purchasing firearms and submitting to a background check? Law-breakers, by definition, break the law. They are criminals; they are predatory, they operate outside of the law. You know that, we know that, Lautenberg knows that, even Helmke knows that.
    Lautenberg's new bill is essentially a re-introduction of the same bill he introduced in the 110th Congress—S. 2577. And as before, S. 843 calls for massive new government powers to register gun show customers, register gun owners, retain information on people who pass criminal records checks when buying firearms, heavily tax both gun collectors and gun sales, and require gun show promoters to police gun show customers, as if they were agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
    The bill is not about gun shows. Rather, S. 843 is a solution in search of a problem; numerous government studies have determined that gun shows are an insignificant or miniscule source of firearms misused in crime. For instance, a 2000 Bureau of Justice Statistics study, "Federal Firearms Offenders, 1992-98," found only 1.7% of federal prison inmates obtained their gun from a gun show. Similarly, a 1997 National Institute of Justice study reported less than 2% of criminals' guns come from gun shows.
    In reality, gun shows are large, public events held in convention centers and banquet halls. But S. 843 defines "gun show" so broadly that it would include a person's home. Merely "offering" to "exchange" a firearm at an "event" could be banned. The National Matches at Camp Perry and your local gun club's Sunday trap shoot could be defined as "events" subject to the bill's provisions. Even talking about a gun at an "event" could be seen as an "offer" to sell a gun. Even if you are not a dealer, but you display a gun at a gun show, and then months later sell the gun to someone you met at the show, you would be subject to the same requirements as if you had completed the sale at the gun show. The restrictions and regulations S. 843 would impose upon real gun shows, and upon gun owners' personal activities that the bill would preposterously define as "gun shows" and "events," are unprecedented. S. 843 actually imposes restrictions on "gun show" transactions well beyond those required for firearms transactions at a gun store. And running afoul of S. 843's numerous, far-fetched provisions could send you to prison for years. Among other things, the legislation calls for:
    Gun show customer registration: A person who attends a show, even without a gun, who even discusses the possibility of selling a gun, would be required to sign "a ledger with identifying information." Gun show promoters would have to retain the ledgers indefinitely for inspection by the BATFE.
    Absurd requirement on gun show promoters: Because a promoter cannot know whether a person who attends his show will discuss the sale of a gun, he will have to require every customer to sign the ledger, and check every customer's identification to verify the information required on the ledger.
    Invasion of privacy: In addition to records kept on gun show customers, this bill would allow the FBI to retain, for 90 days, personal information about people who clear instant checks when buying guns.
    Gun collector registration: If you are at home with a collection of fifty or more firearms, it would be a five-year felony to "offer" or "exchange" a single gun -- even between family or friends -- unless you first registered with the BATFE and paid a fee, the amount of which would be at BATFE's discretion.
    The real objective of this legislation is to over-regulate gun shows out of business. Rest assured we will continue to actively monitor the bill and will apprise you of any developments.
    Please be sure to contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to strongly OPPOSE S. 843! You can call your U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121.

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    Here are some headlines from the news today. MSM doesn't cover it, very little discussion anywhere, you have to go to these unknown blogosphere websites for news, seems like our new enchanted president is walking all over us and we're doing nothing about it.

    Is there any truth to this?
    Pat Dollard | Young Americans | Blog Archive Obama’s Gun Control Secrecy

    At the same time... BREAKING: Montana Strikes Down HR45
    Snooper's Take Our Country Back - Journal - BREAKING: Montana Strikes DownHR45

    Hmmm... Is this coincidence or is there something going on?
    As-Salamu Alaykum. It's a new beginning. Hussein, we love you, man. He Got Swagga!

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    51% -
    Do a search on this forum for HR 45 and the UN treaty about firearms & ammo manufacture.

    HR 45 is still in subcommittee, and that's the farthest it's gotten in several years. The bill has ONE sponsor, so it is unlikely to ever get past this stage.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by docholiday View Post
    I think I will be keeping mine...

    And when SWAT shows up at your door to politely ask you to relinquish your weapons are you seriously prepared to forfeit your very life in a vain attempt to keep them? Make no mistake. None whatsoever. When the government decides that they want YOUR guns, they will have them.

    Why are we sitting with our thumbs stuck up our butts instead of educating the public?

    It is as simply as apple pie to do so but we sit back and do nothing. And the problem is that as long as nothing horrific has happened to any of your chums they tend to side with the government view - a gun free society is a safer society... missing one point. Asides from the government, who are not in a position to protect you except by accident, only the criminals will have weapons.

    I am sixty this coming year. No way can I defend myself without a handgun or rifle and I don't give a good tinker's damn what you want to call it "assault weapon" "howitzer" whatever... someone please tell me how I am going to protect myself without a firearm when the bad guys come knocking.

    We live in an upper middle class neighborhood and they have already been at our door twice in the night trying to get in, high as kites but knowing that their handguns are as good as gold because we cannot defend ourselves.

    It is the mere threat of a homeowner having a shotgun, handgun, whatever, and being able to defend themselves that drives crime rates down. And you don't have to take my word for it; all you have to do is look up the empirical data... the numbers. And they speak for themselves.

    The right to own a gun? EVERYONE (WE THE PEOPLE) have the right to bear arms. I disagree I am afraid. It's like hollering 'FIRE" in a crowded theatre. It is a guarantee but at the same time it must be tempered with logic. No felons. No whackos. No kids. Nobody untrained. Nobody that is not either a permanent resident (and that to me means that you must have lived at the same address and been gainfully employed for a year or two) or a United States CITIZEN. One or the other is fine with me. No 90 day wonders. No passers-by or visitors that I cannot identify.

    Canadians? Sorry guys. I am a dualie fortunately, but I don't go for giving gun permits to non-resident/non-citizens. Whoah. Wait a minute here. These are our allies; brothers in arms. We have access to their databases as well. Hmmmm. Think for a moment. Why would we refuse our allies in arms the right to defend themselves on our soil and expect not to have that right rejected on their soil? OK! Same deal. You need to be a resident of Canada, Mr. Canadian, for at least a couple of years and be a passport bearing citizen of Canada. We can then check you out just as easily as we can check our own out. So where's the problem?

    As for consular officials carrying off premises? Bullfeathers. You want to carry, stay at home or stay in the embassy.

    And to the topic of a NATIONAL permit? I am getting pretty sick and tired of having to figure out where my damn permits are good for and how many rounds the magazine can hold and .... well, you get the picture. I want my NH, PA, UT, VA, or whatever license to carry concealed recognized reciprocally by all other states, just as my license to drive is. This business of your test is not as good as our test is BS. You have a license from PA? It's good anywhere. Period. Done deal.

    Stationed overseas in the forces? Why on Earth should I have to start proving this by providing you with MY personal stuff? I am a resident deployed overseas. Check out my references. I am a citizen. Check out my background.

    Too much government going on here. And it seems to be growing all the time.

    I'm all for Homeland Security but Homeland Security does not mean Gestapo - show me your papers. Or have we reached that point?

    Have we forgotten the basic tenets and principles that our country was founded on and for which our families have given their blood to uphold and maintain? My family was in Europe just prior to WWII and I can tell you that THIS is just what it sounded like.

    "Firearms belong only in the hands of the police and the military". George Washington? Sorry. Bzzzzt. Wrong answer. That was Adolf Hitler 1939ish. Go figure.

    If you are not a member of the NRA now's a good time to join, although I am disappointed in the level of educational activity that our life membership has bought. This will never be won through the courts nor through the legislature - that path has been lost I am afraid.

    There are indeed only two routes to go. "Pry the gun from my cold dead fingers" or educate the public. Ad far as I am concerned it is the latter that is the way to go. I am not prepared to give up easily but then again, I am not prepared to repel the SWAT team either and I don't think you are either.


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    The SWAT comment is very apropos, this is exactly what they did in Canada, England, and Australia...

    Enforcement of Draconian Firearm Bans by intimidation...

    In the first days of the bans, the had all their media follow them, with camera's rolling; to the random disarming of a multitude of law-abiding REGISTERED FIREARM OWNERS; using lists made available by you guessed it their version of NICS Checks...

    This obviously resulted in the majority of the law-abiding citizens turning in their firearms in less then two weeks...

    The message here if not immediately self-evident is the time to oppose Unconstitutional Second Amendment Infringements, of our Unalienable Rights that include, but are not limited to any kind of firearm regulation, restriction, licensing etc., is BEFORE IT IS PUT IN PLACE!...

    There is no such thing as COMMON-SENSE FIREARM LEGISLATION...
    "Just because you have a (Unalienable) right, does not mean that the Government can not constrain that (Unalienable) right" - Barack Obama (The Usurper)

    News flash - That's exactly what INHERENT, UNALIENABLE RIGHT MEANS...

    "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" means just that, it is not subject to further interpretation...

    "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." -- Thomas Jefferson




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    Another Obama Nominee Advocates Global Gun Control:
    Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on the nomination of Harold Koh, a former Dean of the Yale Law School, to be Legal Advisor to the State Department. One of the many concerns with Koh is his belief that international organizations should be empowered to regulate the Second Amendment right to own a firearm...
    Obama Nominee Advocates Global Gun Control - HUMAN EVENTS

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    Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

    Gun Ban McCarthy (D-NY) to introduce assault weapons ban Next Week:

    Gillibrand to face another test on gun control BY TOM BRUNE |[email protected]:13 PM EDT, May 6, 2009 WASHINGTON - Since her appointment to the Senate, one-time NRA favorite Kirsten Gillibrand has passed just about every test on guns set by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy - but that might change next week.

    As the junior senator from New York, the upstate Democrat has undergone a transformation, moving quickly in the past three months away from her House record that won the NRA's top rating while remaining a supporter of Second Amendment rights to gun ownership.

    She even jumped ahead of McCarthy, who reintroduced her bill closing the gun-show loophole at a news conference Wednesday, by co-sponsoring the Senate version of that measure two weeks ago.

    But McCarthy said that next week she plans to introduce an assault weapons ban - legislation that is anathema to the NRA and that could pose a problem for Gillibrand.

    "I think the assault weapons bill will be a test," McCarthy said Wednesday in an interview.

    Gillibrand had no comment Wednesday on legislation that hasn't been introduced, said her spokesman Matt Canter.

    "The senator is focused on working with anti-crime advocates, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, the Brady Campaign and [New York City Police] Commissioner Ray Kelly and others on anti-trafficking legislation to stop the flow of illegal guns," he said.

    Measure for measure, Gillibrand has matched McCarthy's support for gun control since being appointed in January, when she was bitterly attacked by McCarthy on guns.

    Most recently, Gillibrand signed on to the Senate version of the bill that McCarthy and Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) introduced Wednesday, which would require dealers at gun shows to conduct background checks.

    The bill could be crowded out by an already overflowing agenda, McCarthy admitted. Its fate is largely up to Congressional leaders, President Barack Obama and, as always, opposition from the powerful National Rifle Association.

    McCarthy, the seventh term Mineola Democrat whose signature issue is gun control, Wednesday acknowledged the shift by Gillibrand to win approval from gun-control groups.

    "She actually has been signing things we have been sending over to her," McCarthy said. "And I am very happy about it. I just want to make sure she stays there."

    So she said she will keep up the pressure on Gillibrand.

    In addition to the assault gun ban, McCarthy said she still intends to run a Democratic primary challenge in 2010.

    But she said she will step aside if someone younger and just as passionate about gun control announces for the seat.

    From the start, McCarthy said, "I felt I had to speak up, but I was hoping somebody else would step forward to run. To be honest with you, yes, I think somebody younger should run. Hopefully they'll be there a long time to represent the state of New York."...

    Gillibrand to face another test on gun control --

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    Here ya go, just days ago Gun Ban Carolyn McCarthy introduced what she is calling The Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2009...

    AND to add insult to injury Delaware Republican Mike Castle Co-Sponsored it with her proudly at a Press Conference...

    And with Gun Banning Carolyn McCarthy already bragging about the ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN SHE IS INTRODUCING NEXT WEEK, it should by now become painfully obvious that...

    They are coming at us hard and from all sides folks...

    This is no time to sit an complain about this assault on the Second Amendment by one of the original members of Congress whom is responsible for the previous so-called assault weapons ban under slick-Wille's watch... and RINO Mike Castle's days are now numbered...

    We need to let our Representatives in Washington and the NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO know loud and clear NO COMPROMISES AND THIS GOES DOUBLE FOR YOU Wayne LaPierre AND THE NRA!


    United States House of Representatives, 111th Congress, 1st Session

    U.S. Senate

    NRA-ILA ::

    Second Amendment Foundation Online

    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - Homepage

    Gun Owners of America

    Don't Forget To Contact The Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele and tell him we will not be supporting ANY ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT RINO's IN 2010 AND 2012! (Such as turn-coat Delaware Republican Mike Castle)

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    Death by Gun Control:
    Death by "Gun Control"

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