Gun bans - Don't think it can happen, watch
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Thread: Gun bans - Don't think it can happen, watch

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    Gun bans - Don't think it can happen, watch

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    "It is the price to be paid to live in a safer society"

    What a bunch of crap...
    Victory rewards not the army that fires the most rounds, but who is the more accurate shot. ---Unknown

  4. If every person who has a gun does not turn it in -- then what -- they can not put every person in jail... you become disarmed because you turn them in.. They can have mine from my dead cold hands!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think I will be keeping mine...
    You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me.

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    boyzoi Guest
    A sad picture you paint indeed CL......
    I can only pray that the antis will never get that far in the good ole USofA.
    I know that if they come to my door trying to take away my God given rights, insured by our Constitution, you will be reading about it and hearing about it. thats all Im sayin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc and his Glock View Post
    If every person who has a gun does not turn it in -- then what -- they can not put every person in jail... you become disarmed because you turn them in.. They can have mine from my dead cold hands!!!!!!!!!!
    Unfortunately Doc, thanks to the unconstitutional NICS system, that was perpetrated upon us as a COMMON SENSE GUN LAW (READ FAIRY TALE) anything you bought is in the BATFE's/IRS's electronic database...

    Watch the video again and see how they did it in England and Australia...

    They basically said you have two weeks to turn in your guns or you will be a felon...

    Look at what they have already done with the unconstitutional ban of class III weapons; get caught with the parts to make one, a converted one or other that you are not allowed to have; its a mandatory 10 year sentence for each violation...

    I personally will be heading for a remote part of Alaska, if this happens and live off what the land will provide; I will not give them the opportunity to come to my door and say; WE ARE HERE FOR YOUR GUNS as they did following Hurricane Katrina...

    Most will do what the citizens of England and Australia did; bend over and take it... because they failed to be proactive about it...

    BUT before it happens, if it happens... I will do everything I can to educate everybody I can that thinks Obama-Biden have no intention of banning guns...
    And that this defining issue is more important then any of their hope and change hype and mythology...

    As I previously mentioned, the only thing we can do to stop it BEFORE it happens; is educate our fellow citizens with facts; stay on top of all legislation; so they do not try to sneak it in on a Health Reform or other Bill like Slick-Willie did; Join and regularly donate as much as you can afford to the...
    National Rifle Association:
    NRA-ILA ::
    Gun Owners of America:
    Gun Owners of America
    Second Amendment Foundation:
    Second Amendment Foundation Online

    and any other national and or local gun rights advocates...

    Additionally, protest in mass any state, local or federal anti-gun measures, as well as faxing, emailing, telephoning and snail-mailing our representatives and the media; (point and click way to do this at: NRA-ILA :: Action Center and NRA-ILA :: Action Center) whom are both attention whores; and with over 1/3 of the current population being known gun owners; we can tip the scales if we unite against the proposed tyranny from our own government and educate the kool-aid drinking Messiah cultists...
    Public pressure is all we have left to fight with...
    The Conservative voice of freedom is no longer represented since Tuesday November 4th, 2008 when nation-wide nearly everybody with a (R) or a (I) or anything next to their name but a (D) next to their name lost whether they deserved it or not...

    I know most of the time its like trying to argue with somebody whom thinks the world is flat; you can show them a globe and or pictures from space and you still can't convince them; but we will convince the open minded ones whom for whatever reason got caught up in the hype of hope and change the Messiah was preaching; when they realize he is full of it...
    and was preaching the same message as Jimmy Carter did...
    whom was also pro-amnesty, anti-second amendment, a tax and spend liberal whom caused the prime rate to be 21%,

    There are more known, registered gun-owners then voted for Obama-Biden; (and whom failed to stand up for the constitution) those of us that value our inalienable rights as written in the constitution; need to send the following message to the President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect, LOUD AND CLEAR...



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    The bad thing for us with this is that antis in the US will be emboldened by their friends' success overseas, and those antis in other countries will start working towards a global ban. Make no mistake about it, Obama is *always* happy to go international. After sufficiently hogtying people in their own countries, there will be that many more experienced antis willing to come here and make problems for us.

    We need to get much more vocal and aggressive, on a long-term and sustained basis to protect our rights. Otherwise, it's all downhill from here.
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

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    British Citizens Rally because of GUN BAN

    YouTube - British Citizens Rally because of GUN BAN

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    Gun Ban In Canada:

    YouTube - Gun Control in Canada

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    National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans

    YouTube - National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans

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