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    Quote Originally Posted by wuzfuz View Post
    Isn't there something, somewhere about using an assumed name? Where did Barack Obama come from? As i understand it, he was born Barry Dunham, then became Barry Soetelo in Indonesia. Now, all of a sudden. he decides his name is Barack Hussein Obama. In hte suit filed by a presidential candidate, who DOES have standing to sue, I understand Obama has been given until January 8th, I believe to produce a legitimate birth certificate that will stand up to scrutiny. Of course, then Obama will just turn on his wrod machine and hypnotize everyone like he did to get nominated, then elected. Have you ever really analyzed one of his speeches? This man is a true snake oil salesman. I, however, do not wish to oil a snake.
    He is indeed!!! I can't believe how many suckers out there fell for the load of crap he spewed from his pie hole!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicman007 View Post
    Wouldn't the entire election be thrown out? I mean, to just remove the one and not the ticket would be a miscarriage of justice. The TICKET of Obama/Biden would be ruled inelligible since Obama picked Biden as his running mate. And if he (Obama) was ruled inellieigble, then his choice of running mate would be illegal also, since he could not make that decision.
    If I remember correctly, the Speaker of the House would be next in line to fill the position until a new election could be held. This could turn into a real mess!
    Comment on the previous first, Anyone can legally change their name, how do we know he did not do that when he was a teen, as some peer pressure driven Muslim / black thing?

    Also why would this be any different than if something say medically (such as choking on his own lies) to prevent him from taking to oath to office and preforming his duties as president? In which case his duly elected VP would be pressed into service, after all the election did pick them both and deemed them as qualified (yeah right) for office.

    This one is for all you conspiracy theorist out there... So just what makes us sure that this is not some far out plot to put someone into the top US office that could not otherwise get elected by popular vote?
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