Suck it up! Get on the offensive
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Thread: Suck it up! Get on the offensive

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    Lightbulb Suck it up! Get on the offensive

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    Thanks for posting this link. I think this is what we should do. Millions are buying guns because they don't trust Obama and his Democrats to respect our rights. We need to tell them that--over and over--harp on the fact that they can't be trusted. Tell them to prove that they will respect our rights--repeatedly. Never let up and never get over our distrust. Always warn them of a backlash if they ignore our rights.

    Joining gun rights organizations, NRA is the largest and best known, will influence them to be careful of a backlash. Let them know that if they ignore us we will vote them out, and make sure we do vote for pro-gun rights politicians in 2 years whatever the current politicians do.

    Never forget the story of the (frog / turtle) and the scorpion.
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    If Chris Cox, head of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, walks into a Congressman's office backed by three million members, it's one thing. When he walks in backed by 10 million, the reception is totally different.
    I agree with that 125%. Get in or don't complain when they come knocking. I'm on EPL and will be paid up in a few years.
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    Absolutely! And get the bumper sticker from the NRA that says, "I'm the NRA, And I VOTE!" The bigger and stronger that the NRA is, the more clout they wield. Let's give 'em a big honkin' club, and let's clear Congress.

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    Mr. Gresham is dead on. Join the NRA, SAF, GOA and give support to local grass roots organizations. Stay aware and write your reps as required. The SCOTUS decision was historic but it didn't end the battle.

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    Good stuff. I will use the link to add my family.
    I would like to see ALL the different organizations join together to show a united front. Any way of doing that?

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    Awesome link! I agree 100% with all of this! I'll add teh link on my website too!

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    Just signed up my wife and son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistol pete View Post
    Good stuff. I will use the link to add my family.
    I would like to see ALL the different organizations join together to show a united front. Any way of doing that?
    The various groups often work together on issues like San Francisco's or DC's gun bans, or the Katrina gun grab, but one group thinks the other compromises too much, one group thinks another is trying to grab any and all credit for any legislative actions.

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    Although I had been a member I had let my membership laps. My wife and I both joined at the gun show this weekend. On another note, Holy cow the prices on the guns at the show.
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