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    boyzoi Guest
    Better the evil you know.......'had she made the cut and ran for President at least we knew what to expect,
    As I said before, better as SOS than sitting on the highest court for the rest of our lives!!

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    Honestly, is anyone surprised by any of this? Certainly nobody expected him to pick the likes of Sarah Palin, Tom Coburn, or any other pro 2A crusaders, did you?
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

    Benjamin Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canis-Lupus View Post
    In Sharia, the woman is weak, should remain silent, her opinion is that of cattle. Her job: bear sons, cook and stay home. Apologist female Seretary of State Hillary, U gotta B kidding me! The jilted ex of one of the most peace-nick kow-towing presidents it was EVER my misfortune to suffer as a soldier under, watching my Army get carved to bits in PEACETIME! That traitor Clinton's female counter-part will sell America to the world by the pound of our flesh and back us into our own destruction c/o any takers. Me, mad, angry, upset, in disbelief, try stupified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, CL, when are you moving to Sharia? j/k

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