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Thread: 20,000 uniformed troops inside U.S. by 2011

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    Breaking from Newsmax.com
    U.S. Military Preparing for Domestic Disturbances
    A new report from the U.S. Army War College discusses the use
    of American troops to quell civil unrest brought about by a worsening
    economic crisis. More: a U.S. Senator says Sec. Paulson warned
    that martial law could be imposed if the economic crisis worsened.
    Read the Full Story Go Here Now.

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    I suppose it never hurts to be prepared, but I'm still skeptical.
    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

    Benjamin Franklin

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    gpbarth Guest
    For those (Tatt?) still skeptical, take a look at the first time this happened, right here in the U.S.:

    The Bonus Army War in Washington

    Led, of all people, by Gen Douglas McArthur and his pal Major George Patton. Can't happen? It already has happened, in the heart of our nation's Capitol.

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    Believe or not believe

    For those of you that are still skeptical that is fine. You should never take anything at face value. With that being said DO NOT take a wait see attitude. Gen. Franks made a comment that was really disturbing, even to those of us that took the oath, about tossing the constitution and instituting military rule in case of civil unrest. I know some of you are privy to this stuff and some are not, but please remember we are entering into the global arena as partners with the U.N. and we all know what happened in some other places as far as RKBA goes. Our leaders will try to make us a more global society similar to the EU.

    The first thing you will see pushing us in this direction will be healthcare because we moved to the HMO system, which doesn't work and left more people out in the cold, so the people that work in this industry could have some kind of protection from frivolous lawsuits and the such. We lost some of our rights as Americans when the many decided to allow the few to dictate what will happen. For those who don't understand what I'm talking about read up on the Fall of the Roman Empire, Fall of the Byzantines, and the politics of entering the Great Depression. History tells us that good things come to and end, but it still sucks to see it happening little by little.

    You people have a good New Year.

    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power."
    Yoshimi Ishikawa

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    As has been said before the chipping away of our freedom Has been like the frog in water. It has been slow but methodical. For many years those that believe they are a member of an elite few have been relentless in moving us down the path of their New World Order. It has been in the works for such a long time that many fail to see what is and has happened. Even though it may not be apparent to some if a person takes the time to study history, not the history that the masses get in public education, but the real history I do not see how it can be missed.
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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