Virginia Tech, campus carry
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Thread: Virginia Tech, campus carry

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    Virginia Tech, campus carry

    I have lived most of my life within 15 minutes of VT, As demonstrated on april 16 07 it is a gun free zone(worked great huh). But It was recently pointed out to me that virginia law dose not prohibit carry on Tech campus (only K-12 school property, and Virginia Commonwelth Universary). As a state school, they are NOT Private property, and cannot prohibit carrying buy a CHP holder. Is this accurate? Unfortunately, the schools no gun rules violate 2A, but can they enforce this rule if you are not a student or employee? They have an open campus any visitors are common. I occasionaly make a service call to campus from work, and have a few friends,and 2 cousins at the school. Has anyone done further reserch on this subject?
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    I don't know, and someone on here might be more knowledgeable, but you should definitely call a lawyer if there's any ambiguity before carrying on the VT campus.
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