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Thread: Who do you like for President in 2008?

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    Thumbs up HUCKABEE - The Second Amendments Best Hope

    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    Sorry, but the blinders are on you. Remember, I'm not saying Mike Huckabee is unacceptable, or that he's a worse choice than anyone else, or even that I wouldn't vote for him...! What I am saying is that you seem to feel that he's flawless, and your incessant crowing about him as if he were the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan smacks of a person with an agenda...one that's "blind" (to use your term) to anything negative that he might be guilty of. You haven't "debunked" the points that have been brought up . . . you haven't even addressed them, except to direct people right back to your prepackaged propaganda.

    Once again: I have nothing against Mike Huckabee! I just don't feel he's without flaw as you apparently do, and your enthusiasm for him...even to the point of dedicating an entire website devoted to getting him elected (that is you in that video, isn't it?)...is more than a little suspicious to me, as if you might be, for example, in the employment of the Huckabee campaign.

    There are a lot of things I like about Huckabee. There are things I liked about Thompson, too. Don't like much about McCain except his Military record.

    In the end, while I consider myself a hardcore Conservative, I'm not a one-issue Conservative, and I like to think I keep an open mind about people...Presidential candidates, especially. Huck has issues. Thompson had issues! Newt has issues!! Every one of them has issues, some more than others. Whether you choose to admit it or not.

    But Huck'll get my vote if he gets the Nomination. Warts and all.

    First of all I AM NOT THE ONE WHO MADE ANY OF THE VIDEOS AT http://thinkmikehuckabee.blogspot.com/

    Second I never said Mike Huckabee was flawless, but since you invoked the name of Ronald Reagan, I will remind you and the other A.D.D. people who seem to have forgotten that Ronald Fricken Reagan, just like Jimmy worthless Carter SOLD US OUT ON AMNESTY AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND THE STINKING FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS, AND JACKED UP SOCIAL SECURITY!

    Something that Mike Huckabee has NEVER done and opposes!

    AND I am open to debate any perceived flaws in Mike Huckabee that you or anybody else has... some may be valid; but when it comes to the Second Amendment, Amnesty and ABOLISHMENT OF THE IRS; which are pivotal issues for this retired career Marine and VFW... Mike Huckabee has always been the ONLY republican to consider...

    You say you have nothing against Huckabee but you respond with unsubstantiated spin, to justify that he has flaws...

    I have a problem with that...

    99% of the negative information that you have heard via the web and media is SPIN! and CONJECTURE!


    If you get past that then I will start looking at the rest of your merits...

    All the Democrats and Republicans Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul ALL failed test number one...

    That left multi-term Governor Mike Huckabee and Congressman Duncan Hunter to choose from; Mike Huckabee was my first choice and Duncan Hunter my second choice; for a number of reasons the two biggest are Duncan Hunter has ZERO Executive experience actually running a Government and he has not faced the Clinton Political Machine in an Election; Mike Hucakbee is the only canidate running from any party that has faced the Clinton Political Machine and he defeated them soundly every time; 4 times in all....

    As nobody in this life is flawless, including CCW Packing Multi-Term Governor Mike Huckabee, I am obviously willing to concede this fact...

    ALTHOUGH, when it comes to matters of substance in whom this leatherneck would cast his vote for... "WHAT PART OF SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?"

    Without this no other issue, policy, value, or record of any canidate has ANY MERIT!


  3. If you both would look at history you would see both Huck and McCain vote with the liberals.We are the reason that the 2nd amend. will stand. At this point we need to stand together, or die alone.

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    I honestly have no idea who I will vote for if McCain wins the nomination. I suppose I could write in my father or someone.

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    I'm pretty much done. I'm done trying to discuss something, and only getting argument and abuse in response. I'm not for either Huckabee or McCain. If I have to "be" anything, I'll be against McCain. If something like this can't be discussed intelligently and dispassionately then there's either a deeper agenda at work or someone has another personal interest in getting their position accepted at any cost.

    But the fact is that there's plenty of documented behavior available..."Spin" in Bohemian terms...that suggests Huckabee has issues: He seems to have a thin skin and can be vindictive; he destroyed government computer hard drives (for some reason) and had to scramble to find over $300,000 to replace them; he has a history of having raised taxes in Arkansas...some 47% according to what I've read; he's spoken publicly embracing aspects of illegal immigration, sponsorship of non-citizens for tuition assistance, and more. These things may be "Spin" and "Conjecture", but if they are they're being spun by the people who were in his sphere of contact at that time. It ain't coming from me.

    At this time the die is already cast: we're going to get to vote for either Huckabee or McCain. Either way, that person will get my vote. As for Huckabee, I hope he wins...even given all of the foregoing I'd prefer him to any of the other 3 possibilities. But what haunts me a bit, too, is that we already voted in a guy, years ago, who professed to be a serious Christian, with absolutely disastrous results! I worry that the Christian twist to Huckabee's personality will have him doing things and embracing positions that are nice and Christian, but not necessarily in our best interests. I hope he wins. I hope he's as good as his word with respect to the 2nd Amendment. But that shouldn't be our ONLY reason for voting for him even though it may be our first and most important consideration.

    So now I'm really Really REALLY done with this whole thread.

    We'll see. Good luck to us.

    Also, Bohemian, you bring up credentials like the Marines and your NRA affiliation, and I applaud your service. For me, all I've got is 15 years in the Army, the last 6 as a Senior Infantry Drill Sergeant (E-7), Trusteeship in the NJCSD, and Life Memberships in the NRA and GOA. Also American Legion, 32nd Degree Mason and Knight Templar. We all have some credentials. Maybe these can give me some points in all this...I'm really not at odds with your interests.
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    I've disliked McCain since 2000 when he rolled into SC and started a smear campaign against Bush. It didn't go over too well because he lost to Bush pretty bad. That's why I was so surprised he won this time. I was reading on another site and I ran across an interesting observation. If McCain gets elected he'll want to get elected for a second term. No President wants to be a one term President. For the first four years he will most likely try to appease the Conservative side of our party. I doubt you'll see any backroom deals with Liberals. He'll probably tighten up the borders and probably try to appoint Conservative Judges. The first term everyone will scrutinize his actions especially Republicans. Any negative aspects of his term will be all over the net and news. So he'll want to watch everything he does for the first four. The problem comes is if he gets elected to a second term. He'll have four years to ruin everything. He's vindictive and would try to pay back everyone that has crossed him since 2000. If elected I think he will be controllable for just four years. That give us four years to find a candidate that will represent our party platform and send McCain back to AZ.
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    Shame how

    this thread can be viewed as representative of the whole election situation. Such lackluster candidates, boring rhetoric, loss of touch with reality and juvenile campaign tactics (for the most part) has worn down both parties, wasted millions of dollars and effectively burned out the majority of the electorate. We also cannot ignore the loss of stature on the world stage either. While you may favor isolationism, we live in the real world where global reputation has a very real impact on our economy and security. The election now boils down to selecting which candidate will cause the least increase in the continuation of damage to the country. Hopefully, over the next 4 years the parties AND the people will recover and figure out a process which avoids the acrimony, bitterness and splintering of their members.
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

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    Please provide something factual about Huckabee VOTING liberal on ANYTHING EVER!
    Please provide primary sources and not unsubstantiated spin and conjecture from liberal blogs and newspapers...

    Huckabee Raising Taxes, and Tuition for children of illegal aliens is just two of the BIG SPINS about Mike Hucakbee...
    That if anybody did five minutes worth of research to find the primary sources on the matter as I have they would find that Huckabee lowered taxes for the first time in Arkansas history; when he raised taxes it was due to a preexisting supreme court order from Slick Willie Clinton's days as governor... He also needed to fix the roads in Arkansas; he told the people we can fix them if we raise taxes; but he would not do it with out a vote of the people; it was voted in unanimously by the people... and the roads went from being rated the worst in the country to the best...
    No bridges were falling down in Arkansas under Huckabee's watch...
    Additionally, the guy doing the most spinning about Mike Huckabee's tax record was one term wonder and second amendment sell-out, flip-flopping Slick Willard Mitt Romney; who raised taxes 70% more in 4 years (one term) then Mike Huckabee did in 4 terms... and Huckabee was mandated to do it or it was voted in by the people....
    Moreover, successful Multi-Term Governor Mike Hucakbee left office in January of 2007 with a surplus of 800 million dollars!

    I also provided the facts about the Huckabee tuition for children of illegal aliens mythology...
    Here it is in a nutshell and can be substantiated by the primary sources supplied; that the spin propagandist's of this thread and others obviously have not even looked at...

    Mike Huckabee proposed to the Arkansas Legislature a merit based scholarship for eligible children in the state of Arkansas; to be eligible to even apply for this merit based scholarship you had to meet the following criteria:
    1. Have a 3.7 GPA.
    2. Been in the Arkansas School System for 12 Years.
    3. Either be a U.S. Born Citizen or have already applied for legal U.S. Status; this would not have made any ilegal alien eligible; nor did it give preferential treatment to any demographic...

    IF it was voted in by the Arkansas Legislature, it would have made about 30 students in the entire state of Arkansas eligible for this merit based scholarship; it was not voted in by the Democrat Arkansas Legislature.

    As I have stated many times, I am open to debate about legitimate issues anybody may have with Mike Huckabee's record... but to-date nobody has provided any...

    I would suggest actual research before posting spin and conjecture from liberal blogs and newspapers...

    I have spent the last year ferreting out which canidates are spinning and which are not...

    I found Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter to be the real deal...

    Additionally, the most Authentic, Consistent, Compassionate, and Experienced canidate running from any party from day one of the 2008 Primary's ...

    The FACT is If we do not UNITE behind HUCKABEE NOW we can guarantee that gun-control and amnesty to say the least is in our immediate future with McCain, Billary or Hussein...

    Mike Huckabee on the issues, policies, and values:

    The facts on the false, misleading and baseless attacks on Mike Huckabee by Second Amendment Sell-Outs Mitt Romney (withdrew), Fred Thompson (withdrew), Ron Paul and others:

    Mike Huckabee 101:

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    Hucks best chance at winning anything at this point is to run as McCrap's VP...we're friggen lucky Obamamama isn't very electable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unearthed View Post
    Hucks best chance at winning anything at this point is to run as McCrap's VP...we're friggen lucky Obamamama isn't very electable.
    I don't know, Sleeper Cell Hussein is starting to scare me!
    USAF Retired, CATM, SC CWP, NH NR CWP, NRA Benefactor
    To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them... -- Richard Henry Lee, 1787

  11. I don't know but in my opinion there is not a snowballs chance in hell that Huck will be president.

    However his recent sucess has made it clear that the hardcore base of the GOP is not ready to make nice with McCain. That being the case I feel there is hope that in wanting to gain these voters McCain may select Huck to be his running mate in an effort to appease these hardcore GOP voters. That is about the best I feel we can hope for now.

    Additionally it appears the Dems are nearly evenly split in there choice so close that the real decision will be made by the so called super-delegates who will only make there choice known at some later date. This gives us the opportunity to re-group and rally behind our GOP nominee. As in most elections the best man rarely wins in fact most of the time it is a choice of the lesser of two evils. I will most likely hold my nose and vote for McCain next November.
    ["Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
    - Ben Franklin

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