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Thread: Who do you like for President in 2008?

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    After much thought I am either for Ron Paul or myself. Sadly we both have about the same chance. I think which ever party gets elected we will end up with a puppet for the New World Order.
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  3. Even Paul would be set in line by the order.

  4. Thumbs up 2008 Presidential Candidate

    RON PAUL 2008

    He's The Man


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    Quote Originally Posted by deputyd2 View Post
    RON PAUL 2008

    He's The Man


    1 Timothy 5:8

    "But if any aprovide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."

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    Quote Originally Posted by deputyd2 View Post
    RON PAUL 2008

    He's The Man


  7. I'm a well armed liberal.

    Below is what Dennis Kucinch has to saw about firearms. Read it with an open mind and remember that our nation must debate. It is what defines Americans. To pass any law that says in effect "Here you go, no need for rules" is as UnAmerican as those laws that want to take away every right on any particular issue. It is the open debate that we must protect, we give up that, we are done.
    As I mentioned in the title, I am a well armed liberal. Don't put me in the Hileray camp or any republican camp, it is all one camp anyway. The Republcats that are running, both sides, are all speaking the same thing, all you have to do is see who funds them to realize that.
    (And now my rant:) Face it people, if you don't see the war that has been raging against the bank book of the middle class for the past few years (longer than that, but it really took off once Bush came to office) then you are uninformed and only rely on Fox for your news. I'm voting for Dennis Kucinich, he is the only one from both sides that sees what is really going on in this country and dosen't give a sh!t about pointing it out to the Dem and Repub canidates.
    I'll wait for your comments, in the mean time read below. I copied if from Dennis's web site. Some parts I agree with completly, others I don't and that is how it should be for America.

    Dennis Kucinich:
    There are few topics that divide America more than the issues associated with firearms. For the
    vast majority of Americans who own firearms, they are a form of recreation in the character of
    hunting and/or target shooting. For many, they are a method for safety and protection in a
    society characterized by violence. But all too frequently, they are used for violence.
    I have friends who both hunt and shoot. These are good people, they are not criminals, and they
    lock up their guns when not using them. I support their right to their hobbies, and I support the
    right to bear arms. I have also talked with widows and children left fatherless due to the
    improper use of firearms, and I am committed to preventing such tragedies from happening.
    By helping to develop a society which does not look to violence as a method of solving
    problems, my proposed Department of Peace will play a key role in this. Conflict resolution and
    alternatives to violence will constitute major areas of responsibility within this new Department,
    so that we can begin to lead by examples as well as by words.
    My efforts to lead the fight against assault weapons have been highly recognized by The
    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. One year after the DC-area sniper attacks, I co-signed a bill,
    H.R. 2038, to renew and strengthen the federal assault weapons ban. I also attended a recent
    Save Our Sons and Daughters (SOSAD) event.
    While some believe that gun laws should reside at the state level, I respectfully disagree. In this
    mobile society, national control of guns just is necessary, just as it is with pollution. It is the right
    of Americans to keep and bear arms; however it is not the right of American felons to arm
    In a time when homeland security is of utmost concern, it is perplexing why anyone would not
    wish to keep guns out of the hands of those who might do us harm. This is why I would support
    legislation to require background checks, identical to the background checks currently required
    for transfers by licensed gun dealers, for firearm transfers by unlicensed gun dealers at gun
    shows. Sensible laws to prevent guns from winding up in the wrong hands do not infringe on
    any constitutional rights.
    I agree with the Brady Campaign that Congress should end the gun industry's immunity from
    product safety regulation and that irresponsible dealers who allow weapons to fall into the hands
    of criminals should be held accountable. President Bush campaigned on the promise to
    reauthorize the law banning assault weapons. However, in a calculated move to avoid signing
    the bill, the President has not spoken out publicly or forcefully to make the House Republicans
    under Rep. Tom DeLay bring the legislation out of committee and pass it. It is a shame that our
    current President is willing to expend limitless political capital to financially benefit his own
    campaign contributors with trillion-dollar tax cuts, but will spend nothing to keep assault
    weapons out of the hands of potential terrorists.

  8. My vote

    After thinking long and hard I have reached a decision.

    I’m going to vote for the one candidate that dose NOT leave a half garbled broke up recorded message on my answering machine.

  9. Both you and Dennis should read the recent FBI report which concluded that not one of the 20,000 gun laws has ever prevented a crime.

    Please define well armed liberal. Are you armed with Gun Buster signs?

    What is there about so many liberals that they are convinced that disarming honest law abiding citizens will prevent criminal from getting weapons, when none of the 20,000 gun laws have done so to date. Will the 20,001 do the trick?

    What is there about the statement; "Criminals don't obey the Law" that liberals don't understand?

    I should qualify that. Some liberals do. My range buddy is a strong liberal and he carries either a Tactical XD 9, a KelTec PF 9 or a Keltec .380 and never removes whatever he is carrying even in his home; only where it is illegal to carry.

    For that matter I am liberal on 20% of issues, conservative on 20% and disagree with both sides on 60%.

    We can only hope that if Dennis the Menace is ever elected and starts his Department of Peace his first act will be to go to the area bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan to discuss conflict resolution and
    alternatives to violence with the Taliban and Al Queda. Then we won't have to worry about his sorry a$$ any more!
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    Eluno...welcome to the forum. Now . . .
    ...our nation must debate. It is what defines Americans.
    Incorrect. What defines us as Americans is our Liberty. Our Freedom to come, and go, and do, and become, within the limitations of either stepping on someone else's Freedom(s) or the limiting laws that we've permitted to become enacted in defiance of the Constitution.

    You see an effort to pass a law which states "Here ya go, no need for rules", when in fact the "Rule" you reference was identified 231 years ago . . . it's the "Rule" that states "The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed." If you want to rail against improper rules, rail against the ones that limit those Freedoms that truly define us as Americans!

    And good luck with Kucinich!! Personally, I don't think he's got a prayer, but I salute you for voting your conscience. If you're interested, a short search will provide you with myriad others' opinions on the candidates, for your intellectual consideration at least.
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    First let me get this correct because I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing...

    Dennis Kucinich?



    Uhhh yea... correct me if I wrong but, wasn't he the guy who jacked up the State of Ohio as Governor and practically bankrupt the State with his liberal social welfare programs?

    I don't get it- how did THAT NAME even make it into these forums?

    Ron Paul may be a complete crack pot but I can tolerate him only because he appears to be honest to a dumb ass fault and he's not a complete lying ass RINO like Rudy (RINO Rudy is a huge liar, he will say anything to get elected and then put us all on the street like he did his ex-wife) but Ron Paul has issues ... the guy is 'Looney Tunes'

    Dennis Kucinich... LORD have mercy!
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