Mexican gun control guarantees safety.
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Thread: Mexican gun control guarantees safety.

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    Mexican gun control guarantees safety.

    Of course not. Four dead in a message or maybe revenge killing. Only the lives of the victims were taken.

    23 seconds of the Mexican drug war - Los Angeles Times

    Bonus: look at them take down their own.
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    I'm a fan of due process and everything, but these cartels have been entirely out of control for far too long, and their only language is violence.

    Mexico and all of the other countries where drug cartels can live and play freely need to either crack down hard and arrest them all, or agree to a NATO coalition force to come in and take care of things. Otherwise, things are never going to change.

    The "war on drugs" is probably unwinnable, and in the long run should be restructured to make the business less violently competitive. Still, these powerful kingpins need to be taken out in the short term.
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