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    2x4 tuesdays

  3. I love it!! Can you imagine the office of Nancy Pelosi getting 100,000 or more of these things all at one time?
    How about a flatbed full pulling up in front of Capital Hill on January 21st? Now THAT would be something.

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    Not sure I'm sold on it, but at the same time it's surely to get SOMEONE's attention, and that's the better part of the battle.

    Sounds like fun
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    We should all get involved. We need to be heard!! This is a polite way to get the message across without making us look like a bunch of radicals. This way, nobody gets arrested, which would be likely in a march or a demonstration. And that would make all of us look bad.

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    You could also send a message to them written on a bunch of balloons in a series of gigantic, but very light boxes. That would fill up some office space.
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