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Thread: PEW Poll Analysis: A billion Muslims want Sharia law

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    Other crimes committed by Muslims:

    Came to the New World and committed genocide on the native people.

    Next they destroyed the native people's religion, society and culture then forced their religion upon them.

    Centuries later, after the Native people in what is now the USA had partially recovered from genocide, they were forced from their land and placed "reservations"!that were located in desolate locations.

    On group of native people were forced off their "reservation" AFTER it was discovered that there was gold and silver on their "reservation".

    Gee, and that's just for staters.

    Don't forget the Revolutionary War, the USA Civil War, Mexico-American war, WWI, WW2,

    Those dirty rotten Muslims!!


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    Go over to Syria and see how you do there with ISIS, big boy.
    The only easy day was yesterday
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    Quote Originally Posted by GryHounnd View Post
    How does a law with lax morailty force anyone to do anything? If the law is "serve everyone regardless of whether your religion agrees with their lifestyle", that doesn't force anyone to have that lifestyle. If you can't serve people with immoral lifestyles because it conflicts with your religion, don't go into business in the first place, for surely more immoral than moral people will walk into your store. However, if you want to single out one specific group of people because they do something you don't agree with, that's an entirely different matter....that is called discrimination.
    Since our way of life conflicts with the muslims then they should stay away. Glad you cleared that one up.
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    but I repeat myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
    Since our way of life conflicts with the muslims then they should stay away. Glad you cleared that one up.
    There is a difference between a good Muslim and a Muslim who belongs to the Taliban or ISIS. Just like there's a difference between a good Christian and a Christian who is in the KKK. One is what Christ wanted him to be the other is a perversion of the faith, the same applies to muslims.

  6. Hey. Couldn't help but notice your link no longer works as your stuff was taken down. That's seriously too bad, as i'd love to see what you've got! Any chance you could send me a document with your research on it or something like that? Perhaps another link that's still active? Thanks!

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