Obama commutes prison sentence for drug dealers
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Thread: Obama commutes prison sentence for drug dealers

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    Obama commutes prison sentence for drug dealers

    Today Obama commuted the prison sentence of 214 so called nonviolent drug dealers, for a total of 562 during his presidency, which is higher than the past 9 presidents combined.
    Anyone who has been involved with the court systems knows that the majority of these people who have been sent to prison aren’t low level nonviolent drug dealers.
    They don’t send people to prison for just selling a small amount of drugs on the street it’s the ones who have armed security and are moving heavy amounts of drugs from the cartels and you can’t / shouldn’t consider these people that Obama let out of prison as low level nonviolent drug dealers.
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    Except they did send people to prison for life for low level drug convictions. Remember those 3 strikes laws that were popular in the 90's? Yeah....as usual you're woefully misinformed and to be honest in this case flat out wrong.

    Here's a story about a guy in CA who was sentenced to life in prison for stealing a $2.50 pair of socks.
    Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Shame of Three Strikes Laws - Rolling Stone

    Here are some stats on CA 3 strikes laws.
    A Primer: Three Strikes: The Impact After More Than a Decade

    And finally, 5 stories of people sentenced to life in the federal system for crimes that don't warrant it. While the crimes in some cases may have warranted lengthy sentences, life without parole (which is the only option in the federal system) is cruel and inhumane punishment.
    Life Sentences From Mandatory Minimums - Business Insider

    BTW, if you want to argue about parole not being an option in the federal system, here is the relevant statute.
    Under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, Congress eliminated parole for federal defendants convicted of crimes committed after November 1, 1987.

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