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Thread: Would this person be eligible to obtain a security clearance?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Stengun View Post

    Lean, mean killin' machine!!

    A heart breaker and life taker!

    This "photo" of "you" has got to be one of the worst photo shop images I've ever seen!!
    The lighting on your face is wrong and your "stance" is awkward and posed..

    Pretty simple, Oswald..

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    Quote Originally Posted by opsspec1991 View Post
    I don't know about your Clint Eastwood quote, but you sure look like a wannabe to try and impress someone, which you don't by a long run.
    Actually that would be you that is a wannabe.

    So, when are you going to post proof that your brother was a Navy Seal that was KIA?

    Just curious.

    I'm so Liberal that I work at the Bill and Hillary Clinton Regional Airport!

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    You keep puking out that same old question, if you'll remember I told you it was my brother in law and I gave you his name a LONG time ago, I use the term brother because I cared for him and everything he did, which is something you could never do to another because you are a legend in your own mind.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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