Negligent Discharge at Rio Olympics
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    From Military bullet accidentally shot through press tent at Rio Olympics:

    An assault rifle round pierced the equestrian press tent at Rio Olympics.

    Military personnel on the ground in Rio de Janeiro are claiming a bullet that shot through the equestrian press tent on Saturday was an accident.

    Horse & Hound's Alice Collins reports the bullet a 5.56mm assault rifle round pierced the roof of the tent occupied by journalists and fell to the floor.

    News Hub reporter Melissa Davies tweeted images from the scene.

    Negligent Discharge at Rio Olympics-cpmnp2wwgaacpwc.jpg

    Negligent Discharge at Rio Olympics-cpmws61wyaadgva.jpg

    No one was hurt.

    The bullet landed closest to British photographer Jon Stroud, and images were taken. It didn't pierce the carpeted floor of the tent.

    According to Collins, the bullet is being credited as a "negligent discharge" from a nearby military base. A hole remains in the ceiling.
    First and foremost, since this was a negligent discharge from a nearby military base, this was likely from an actual assault rifle. You know, one with a fun switch.

    There are quite a few instructors, including Rob Pincus, who do not recommend muzzle up as a safe direction, as a negligent discharge will leave the range and land somewhere. This reminds me of MythBusters Episode 50: Bullets Fired Up.

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    Gee, muzzle up or down.........

    That debate is older than the caliber debate.

    With an AD/ND the bullet goes somewhere and I've known of people that have been injured from ricochets off of the deck.

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