Ferguson in the News Again
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Thread: Ferguson in the News Again

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    Ferguson in the News Again

    Since this is a gun forum, I thought I should post a gun-related news story that offers some insights for people that actually carry a gun and that would like to be informed.

    From Police give more details of crash, shooting at Ferguson protest:

    Officials revealed fuller details Wednesday of a Ferguson protest eruption the night before, in which several people fired shots into two vehicles after a man was struck by a car, apparently by accident.

    Nobody was hit by gunfire that came from multiple directions, according to a statement from the city, and there were no reports of arrests.

    Police have not yet located the man who was knocked down by the car on West Florissant Avenue just north of Ferguson Avenue just after dark, but police believe they have identified him, said Chief Delrish Moss. Friends whisked him away before paramedics arrived, leaving investigators to contact hospitals to try to identify him.

    Ferguson police said he had ignored warnings to get out of the street.

    The driver of a Chevrolet Impala told officers she was distracted by the 75 to 100 protesters when she struck him. Officials said, “All evidence supports her account of not seeing a person standing in the street, until it was too late to stop before hitting them.”

    The driver was “too afraid to stop as she left the scene to contact police,” according to the city statement.

    Moss said her vehicle was struck by gunfire at least 10 times from different directions. He said she initially tried to stop after hitting the man, but was quickly surrounded and then fired upon, so she fled the area and parked at a nearby gas station where she called police to report the incident.

    Police said a second vehicle, carrying two people and stopped at a signal nearby, also was struck by gunfire. The victims in that car also drove away from the shooting scene and flagged down the first officer they saw, which was a St. Louis County police officer, to report what happened.

    Moss said he doesn't believe charges are warranted at this point against the driver or the pedestrian who was struck, and his department is focused on identifying the shooters who put innocent lives in danger.

    He is asking anyone who recorded the incident to call his department because the footage could help identify the shooters.

    The following video provides a very good account of what happened. A car hit a protester that was standing in the middle of the street. The diver stopped and turned around after realizing the accident. The driver then drove off when it became clear that her life was in danger.

    What can we learn from this? Driving off is an excellent choice when your life is in danger, even if this means you are leaving the scene of an accident that you were part of.

  3. Not much different from all the liberal , progressive , socialist protests all across the USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken grant View Post
    Not much different from all the liberal , progressive , socialist protests all across the USA
    You mean other than a protester getting run over because he is in the middle of the street at night and the driver getting shot at? How about commenting on the subject at hand?

    With the current situation in this country, this can happen to anyone living in a metropolitan area. I posted this, so people can prepare themselves on how to react. Unfortunately, forum members are more interested in discussing Hillary's health than in discussing how to protect their own health.

    Stopping or even getting out of your car after such an accident is just putting yourself in danger. When getting shot at while driving and you have not located the threat, hit the gas pedal and escape. Stopping and shooting back is just putting yourself in danger. Shooting one-handed at some threat while driving is just a recipe for jail time. You are responsible for every round. Your accuracy sucks when shooting one-handed while driving. These are just a few discussion points.

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