Hillary Strategist Calls for ASSASSINATING Julian Assange
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Thread: Hillary Strategist Calls for ASSASSINATING Julian Assange

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    Hillary Strategist Calls for ASSASSINATING Julian Assange

    Hillary Strategist Calls for ASSASSINATING Julian Assange
    By: Philip Hodges
    I got a lot of flak yesterday from readers for merely posing the question of whether Trump joked about assassinating his Democratic opponent. Of course, in the article, I had concluded that he didn’t, but I think most of the outraged readers didn’t make it past the headline. It was obvious that Trump’s comments were being blown way out of proportion by the media.
    But interestingly enough, back in December of 2010, a political commentator and analyst, and strategist for Hillary Clinton Bob Beckel called for actually assassinating Julian Assange – the founder of WikiLeaks and current nemesis of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Assange is also the reason four officials within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) – including Debbie Wasserman Schultz – resigned.
    Beckel didn’t hint at assassination, or joke about it in some roundabout way that might be construed as a reference to assassination by an antagonistic media (actually, they probably all agreed that Assange needed to be murdered). He just came right out and said it. Here’s what he said in a 2010 interview:
    “The way to deal with this is pretty simple. We’ve got special ops forces. I mean, a dead man can’t leak stuff. The guy’s a traitor, he’s treasonous, and he has broken every law in the United States. And I’m not for the death penalty, so there’s only one way to do it – illegally shoot the son of a b*tch.”
    You can’t get much clearer than that. Beckel wants the guy dead, and he’s perfectly willing to do it “illegally.” In other words, this Assange character has committed illegal acts, so we should respond by committing an illegal act back. Makes sense.
    Read More:
    Hillary Strategist Calls for ASSASSINATING Julian Assange [VIDEO] ? Eagle Rising
    My Thoughts:
    I Wonder if we’ll see this in the media, don’t think so.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Donald Trump is being castigated for a remark he made which the Left took as a call for assassination of Hillary Clinton. This is indicative of the Democrats grasping at straws to defeat Trump by reinterpreting everything he says. Funny, Hillary just made a statement about how Trump's death would stimulate the economy so, was that a call for his assassination? I doubt it, but the remark was in bad taste just as everyone says Trump's was. The political strategies this year are the worst we have ever seen.

    Clinton: Trump's Death Would Stimulate the Economy | The Federalist Papers

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    Bob Beckel wasn't a strategist for Hillary Clinton when he made these comments in 2010. He is, however, a long-time Democrat and strategist for the Democrats. The interview was on FOX News, when Bob Beckel was a FOX News contributor. CNN hired Bob Beckel last year after he was eventually fired by FOX News for being in rehab for addiction to alcohol and pain meds for four months.

    In any case, we won't see this in the media, because Trump is a gift that keeps on giving. As long as Trump can't stay on message and makes his campaign about his continuing missteps, he will not be able to capitalize on any missteps by Hillary or on any actual policy debates.

    In fact, the ONLY reason we are talking about Bob Beckel's comment is Trump's odd comment about the 2nd Amendment, which can be interpreted in many ways. A Presidential candidate that requires an interpreter to come out after he spoke to tell the world about "what he really meant to say was ..." is running a piss-poor campaign. A proper communication strategy is the 101 of every professional campaign.

    This week was supposed to be about the economy, with Trump giving his policy speech on Monday and Hillary giving hers on Thursday. Are we now talking about the good ideas in Trump's speech and the bad policy in Hillary's speech? NO. We are talking about Trump's odd comment about the 2nd Amendment and about Obama and Hillary being the "founder" and "co-founder" of ISIS. Did he really meant what he said on at least these two aspects. NO. In both cases, Trump spoke a few days later about making a joke and being sarcastic. No-one, other than those Trump supporters that scrambled to explain "what he really meant to say was ...", took his comments as a joke and being sarcastic. The Democrats took it as a really good opportunity to hammer Trump, while others are just shaking their head.

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