Trump was right !!!
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Thread: Trump was right !!!

  1. Trump was right !!!

    2012 Pentagon report warned Obama was creating ISIS

    Seems as if Trump was closer to being right than the MSN gives him credit for.

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    Yes, Obama's and Hillary's policies have led to the rise of ISIS. There is nothing new here. The linked 2012 report was declassified and released last year. It is only being discussed now, because Trump is fumbling the ball again.

    Obama was apparently the "founder" of ISIS, and Hillary was the "co-founder". After Trump made these comments, his surrogates went to the media outlets, confirming that Trump was serious with his statements. Then, 2 days later, Trump says he was being sarcastic, leaving his surrogates out in the cold.

    The only thing that Trump achieved here is to make sure that any discussion of Obama's and Hillary's policies having led to the rise of ISIS will now be answered with a "not this nonsense again" comment. With his off-the cuff remarks, Trump is literally making any future arguments about the involved topic impossible for him. His ridiculous remarks are now the story and not the valid argument behind hit. As I said before, Trump is a charlatan.

    He has planned a national security speech for the upcoming week. Let's see if he finally capitalizes on the weaknesses of his opponent, like a normal Presidential campaign would, or if he screws up again with yet another off-the-cuff remark that occupies the media for the rest of the week.

  4. More terrorists released in the dark of night and more to come.

    Made the news after the fact.
    Obama wants Gitmo empty before he leaves office and be a hero to ISIS.

  5. Trump Was Right: FOIA Document Shows Obama and Hillary Knew Their Actions Would Create ISIS

    Obama and hil-LIARy seems to have known what would happen with ISIS

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