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    If Trump is elected , he will make appointments based on the best person to do the job just as he has done in business and not based on politics or money donors.

    If hil-LIARy is elected , her appointments will be based on money supporters and politics.

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    The main reason a lot of the lobbyists and power people don't want Trump, is they know he will break their rice bowls and require competent people to do their jobs in Washington, because he can't be bought and that scares them to no end. It's all about power and money in Washington and that's why I feel term limits for everyone there should be in effect just like it is for the president.
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    I believe "we the people" would be better served if political positions, both large and small, were filled every two years by drawing names of CITIZENS out of a hat.
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    The greatest failure of our founding fathers was not include term limits for every office in the country. 4 years and you are out, and pay is minimum wage, and no pension or benefits after your time in office.
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    When the founding fathers first got things going, there wasn't supposed to be any long term appointments in Washington, they were to be people from our country for short period of times, but as we all know, once they got there and had all of this power, it went to their heads and, we've not got the results. Just look at some of the length a lot of these people have been there, some well over 35 years. Just try and tell me they are in touch with the common man being in DC that long.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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