One day Trump and Hillary ended up campaigning in the same town. They ran into each other and decided to go into a bakery for a snack. Once inside, Hillary snatched 3 donuts off the counter and stuck them in her coat pocket. She told Trump, "see how quick I did that? I am so quick and secretive no one even knows, or misses a thing. I will be the President because I can get away with anything.

Trump grinned an spoke a greeting to the baker and asked if the baker would give him a donut, if Trump showed him some magic.
The baker agreed and gave Donald a donut, to which Donald promptly popped it into his mouth and ate it. Then he ask the baker, if he could have another, to which the baker half heartedly agreed. Again Trump popped the donut into his mouth and swallowed it with out chewing it. The baker was getting a little miffed, but when Donald ask for another donut, he agreed, but questioned the magic trick. Donald popped the donut in and swallowed it promptly, and smiled at the baker. The baker was getting angry and asked Trump to show him the "magic trick" in all of this?

Donald said he could make the 3 donuts magically appear. How said the baker.

Just look in Hillary's coat pocket replied Trump!