TRUMP Donates $100,000 to LA Flood Victims
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Thread: TRUMP Donates $100,000 to LA Flood Victims

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    TRUMP Donates $100,000 to LA Flood Victims

    TRUMP Donates $100,000 to LA Flood Victims – Hillary Takes Selfies with Justin Timberlake
    Donald Trump did the presidential thing when he decided to visit Louisiana during the flood and donate $100,000 to help those suffering. At the same time, Hillary Clinton was missing from the campaign trail, but now we know what she was doing. As Trump was on the ground, helping Americans, Hillary was engaged in one disgusting display that will blow your mind.
    Hillary couldn’t care less about real Americans who were hurting after devastating floods ravaged Louisiana. Instead, she couldn’t wait to be with the millionaires that she pandered to as those in Louisiana are struggling to put their lives back together.
    Hillary was spotted in Martha’s Vineyard eating what looks like a pork chop on a stick with her handler doctor, who is now in trying to blend in so he is not noticed. Yes, that black man is the same one who was outed as her handler; believe to be a medical doctor always at Hillary’s side. Hillary’s health problems are becoming undeniable, and it seems this doctor is always nearby just in case she has a seizure or some other episode.
    Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin & mystery “handler” (left), Hillary eating a pork chop on a stick with mystery “handler” in background (right)
    Hillary was there for a fundraiser with Cher. She flew 20 miles in a jet, from the Vineyard to Nantucket, which should anger the nutty climate change activists on the liberal left.
    However, there was something else that really got many Americans pissed off. She then followed that up with a ritzy fundraiser, raking in over $18 million with entertainer Justin Timberlake and his actress girlfriend Jessica Biel. She took ridiculous teenage selfies with Timberlake and Biel and made remarks mocking Trump, who had moved on to a rally in Texas.
    Social Media users weren’t impressed with her rich friends. One tweet said, “Trump w/ Texans worried about tomorrow. Hillary w/ celebs worried about selfies.”
    Read More: TRUMP Donates $100,000 to LA Flood Victims – Hillary Takes Selfies with Justin Timberlake
    My Thoughts:
    This is just one among many items that Trump has done for people and the majority of them go un-noticed in the media, which is what Trump wanted. Two Items I remember were, a couple stopped to help Trump when his car broke down and offed him a ride and afterwards Trump bought them a new car and another one, our troops didn’t have enough aircraft assigned to fly them out of a overseas station, Trump then scheduled and paid for a flight to fly them home.
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    And Hillary and Obama gave a total personal combined total of ZERO.

    Liberal Progressives only give other peoples money to charity that benefits themselves. Seldom their own money to help others.

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