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Thread: Beginning of The End for Free Speech On the Net?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    Internet Crashes Will Be Hard To Stop After Obama’s Internet Giveaway

    The headline of this article is nonsensical and only appealing for the technical illiterate. The article doesn't even make the technical connection between DDOS attacks and IANA, because there isn't one. It just mentions the censorship argument, which has been already debunked in this thread.

    Cyber warfare is a real thing and will become a significant factor in our economy due to the push toward the Internet of things. In fact, this DDOS attack utilized many networked devices that aren't your normal computers, such as Internet-connected security cameras, to execute the attack.

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    Technocracy: The Real Reason Why The UN Wants Control Over The Internet

    Whoever has control over and access to this data will literally be able to control the entire world, down to the last minutiae – and that is the United Nations’ exact mission: inventory, monitor and control. Obama and his globalist handlers understood perfectly well, which makes the deception, treachery even worse. Thanks to this scurrilous bunch, the world has just been sold into digital slavery.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    I don't consider Ringo to be a false prophet. He hasn't predicted either the day or hour, only the season which could be any day now according to Scripture. Contrary to your assertion, there are some on here who do like to read his posts so, when you say "we," you are not talking for everyone. If you consider his posts to be a waste of time, simply skip over them and go on to other topics which might interest you.

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