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  1. More smoke - maybe no fire

    Exposed: FBI Director James Comey's Clinton Foundation Connection

    Traces of more corruption in DOJ and hil-LIAR-y

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    So what your article says is that someone who has worked in DC for decades, under and for both republican and democratic administrations, might be compromised because a former employer of his, who gives to both republican and democratic campaigns along with numerous charities, and paid him a lot of money in an above board manner for services he actually provided might be compromised? Am I understanding the 6 degrees of separation stretch this article is trying to make?

    Out of curiosity, has this same website mentioned anything about the actual Pay-for-Play crime committed by the Trump Foundation with Florida Atty. General Pam Bondi, in which they gave her $25,000 right before she decided NOT to pursue a multi-state lawsuit against Trump University, even though there were 8000 pages of complaints filed by Floridians against Trump University? Have they mentioned the $250,000 small business grant the Donald J. Trump foundation took from the government to help real small businesses after 9/11?

    Just curious?

  4. Typical liberal response... don't address the issue, deflect and if all else fails.. run to your safe zone..

    Some things never change, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestone967 View Post
    Typical liberal response... don't address the issue, deflect and if all else fails.. run to your safe zone..

    Some things never change, huh?
    What is typical liberal?

    Furthermore why are you criticizing me when none of the questions I posed have been answered? By all accounts, Mr. Comey is as apolitical as it gets in Washington. I feel I truly addressed the content of the article which by all accounts appears to be propaganda and innuendo with no actual facts regarding any criminal behavior by Mr Comey. I then proceeded to ask about actual serious problems with Mr. Trump which any serious voter should be at least a bit concerned with.

    You on the other hand rushed right past discussing the article, and straight to personal attacks.

    So who's really in their safe zone?

  6. This thread is about the Clinton Foundation, not trump, so when you deflect the question by attempting to shift the focus onto another... yeah.
    That is a typical liberal trait..

    The thread is not about trump and his crappy faults though, is it?
    So, instead of using the standard liberal tactic of the "straw man argument", can you explain why corruption seems to follow her around and touches every one she comes into contact with?
    That is the ONLY question asked.

  7. (Just in case you forgot, or thought maybe WE forgot!)

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